IRest Supearl (A336) vs Massaggio Esclusivo 2 – comparison of massage chairs


Two models that differ the most in terms of their year of release, design and brand. As far as functionality is concerned, they’re very similar and have only a few differences, which we’ve summarised in detail below. We hope that reading the article will help you make the right choice between the iRest Supearl (A336) and the Massaggio Esclusivo 2.


The iRest Supearl (A336) is an advanced model that had its premiere at the end of 2022, when the first models were released. And although it might seem that there are only two advantages, the first one is quite significant.

  • A wider range of massage options for the massaging arms – the iRest Supearl (A336) offers 12 automatic programmes and the massager imitates hand movements in six manual techniques. Meanwhile, the Massaggio Esclusivo 2 features 8 automatic programmes and 5 techniques.

In addition, the chair comes equipped with the phone charging function. Thanks to the induction charger integrated into the right armrest, it’s possible to conveniently charge the phone battery that supports this function. Also, both models have USB ports for regular, wired battery charging.


The Massaggio Esclusivo 2 is a 2020 model, and its key differences from the Supearl include:

  • A fully integrated foot massager – which is additionally capable of massaging the toes with airbags. This function also sets the maximum size of the foot that can be massaged, i.e. size 48. 
  • Air ioniser – its operation, consisting in saturating the air with negative oxygen ions, increases the pleasure of each massage session.
  • Handy built-in panel – an additional control panel that gives you the possibility to control the most important functions of the chair from the armrest level. The iRest Supearl (A336) uses a single remote control to control the chair’s functions, but it’s on a conveniently placed frame.

Calf massage in the iRest Supearl (A336) and Massaggio Esclusivo 2

A kneading calf massage feature is available in both chairs, but the massage differs slightly, depending on the model. When it comes to the Massaggio Esclusivo 2, the calf massage is performed using unique airbag cycles. In iRest Supearl (A336), the operation of the airbags is accompanied by the mechanical system, which increases the precision and effectiveness of the massage.

We hope that you find this article useful when comparing the two models and that it’ll help you decide on the model that’s perfect for you. You can find detailed descriptions of all the features of both chairs on their respective product pages iRest Supearl (A336) and Massaggio Esclusivo 2. And if you have any questions after reading or need help with the side-by-side comparison, feel free to contact us.


Published: 2022.12.01

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