IRest Supearl (A336) vs Massaggio Esclusivo 2 – comparison of massage chairs


Two models whose biggest differences include their year of release, design and brand, but not just that! Functionally they are very similar, but have a few significant differences, which we have summarised in detail below. We hope that reading the article will help you make the right choice between the iRest Supearl (A336) massage chair and the Massaggio Esclusivo 2.


The iRest Supearl (A336) is a sophisticated model that had its premiere and introduced first models produced by the end of 2022. And while it might seem that there are only two advantages, the first one is of great importance.

  • A wider range of massaging arm possibilities – iRest Supearl model (A336) offers 12 automatic programmes and the massager mimics hand movements in 5 manual techniques. The Massaggio Esclusivo 2, on the other hand, features 8 automatic programmes and 6 techniques.

The iRest Supearl (A336) is also a more energy-efficient chair than the Massaggio Esclusivo 2. The Supearl’s rated power consumption is 140 W, while that of the Esclusivo 2 requires 220 W.

Supearl boasts a significantly quieter massaging arm operation at <55 dB, where in the Massaggio Esclusivo 2 the loudness is <60 dB.

On top of this comes the convenience of charging your phone. Thanks to the induction charger inside the right armrest, you can conveniently charge the battery of a device equipped with this function. Both models also feature USB ports for wired battery charging.


The Massaggio Esclusivo 2 is a 2020 model, and its key differences from the Supearl include:

  • A fully enclosed foot massager – which is additionally capable of massaging the toes with airbags. At the same time, this function sets the maximum size of the foot, i.e. size 46. 
  • Air ioniser – by saturating the air with negative oxygen ions, its operation increases the pleasure of each massage session.
  • Handy built-in panel – an additional control panel that gives you the ability to control the most important functions of the chair from the armrest. In the iRest Supearl (A336), a single remote control is used to control the chair’s functions, yet on a conveniently placed frame.

Calf massage in the iRest Supearl (A336) and Massaggio Esclusivo 2

Both chairs offer a kneading calf massage function, but the massage differs significantly depending on the model. When it comes to the Massaggio Esclusivo 2, the calf massage is performed using unique airbag cycles. In turn, in the iRest Supearl (A336), the movement of the airbags has been supplemented with a mechanical system, which increases the intensity, precision and effectiveness of the massage. It is one of the few massage chairs featuring a mechanical calf massage. Both chairs come in 2 colour combinations. The iRest brand model is available in graphite-black or beige, and the Massaggio model in cream or brown-graphite.

We hope this article serves as a reference when comparing the two models and helps you decide on the ideal one. You can find a more detailed description of all the features of both chairs on the respective product pages of the iRest Supearl (A336) and Massaggio Esclusivo 2. And if you have any questions after reading or need assistance with the decision, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2022.12.01

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