iRest QL (A185) vs Massaggi Piccolo – comparison of massage chairs


In today’s article we’re comparing two massage chairs: Massaggio Piccolo, which is an older model that has alreay been popular with our customers, and a newer model with similar characteristics: iRest QL (A185). Both models are compact in size, making them ideal for smaller spaces. Take a look at the features of both these chairs to be sure which one best suits your needs for relaxation and massage at home.

What are the differences between iRest QL (A185) and Massaggio Piccolo?

  • QL features 5 automatic programmes (comfort, relax, shoulder & neck, back & waist, full body massage) and 5 massage techniques (kneading, knocking, patting, shiatsu, tapping). Massaggio Piccolo has 3 automatic programmes (whole body, upper body, lower body) and 3 techniques (kneading, knocking, kneading & knocking). 
  • The unique reclining function, which lets you adopt the most comfortable massage position, is the key feature of iRest QL. Piccolo has no such function, making massage possible in a single position only. In order to take advantage of the QL’s reclining function, you should consider leaving some clearance behind it – the Piccolo doesn’t require this.
  • QL is the only massage chair with a footrest that is height-adjustable – this allows for optimal leg support and therefore a comfortable position for relaxation.. 
  • Unlike the Piccolo, QL (A185) is a swivel chair – this feature provides additional flexibility and comfort.
  • The massage techniques in QL (A185) work on the entire body, in a specific spot or over a selected area. The Massaggio Piccolo offers only whole body and single spot massage.
  • Greater adjustability of the width and speed of the massaging arms – QL (A185) has a 3-stage adjustment, the Piccolo offers no regulation. 
  • Heating the back area in iRest QL (A185) is achieved by using a graphene mat. The heat helps to relax the muscles, which increases the efficiency of the massage. Massaggio Piccolo is a chair without heating.
  • Control method: QL (A185) is equipped with a handy wired controller, no display. The change of settings is indicated by a diode and a sound. The Piccolo controller responds similarly, but it is built into the armrest. Controlling both chairs is simple and intuitive.

iRest QL (A185) and Massaggio Piccolo – although they’re different brands of chairs, they are similar in terms of offered functions. Both are compact in size, which means they will fit into smaller spaces. The seats work in 2D and the range of massaging arms (SL-shape) massage extends from the neck to the thighs. In addition to the massaging arm massage, the chairs are equipped with airbags in the hip area – here Massaggio Piccolo has a slight advantage, as it has 4 airbags, while QL has 2. There’s also the option to adjust the intensity of massage. In Piccolo it can be adjusted in 3 steps, in QL – in 2 steps. In addition, the chairs are fitted with built-in speakers, allowing you to relax with your favourite music, played via a Bluetooth connection.

What makes the chairs stand out at the very first glance is their design. iRest QL (A185) boasts a modern, elegant look with soft, rounded curves, lending it the appearance of a luxurious piece of furniture suitable for modern interiors. Its colour scheme remains in a muted palette of beige or graphite tones. It adds lightness and versatility, allowing it to blend easily into various home decor. iRest QL (A185) also features a footrest, which is unusual for a massage chair. Massaggio Piccolo is available in one colour version (black and brown) and the stitching of the perforated upholstery emphasises its elegant appearance. The uniqueness of this model stems from its design – the chair is ready to be activated right after you get it out of the box, while QL (A185) requires simple assembly. Plus, depending on your needs, the headrest cushions can be removed in both chairs, and Piccolo additionally has a seat cushion that can be used if the massage in this area proves too intense (useful especially at the beginning of your massage adventure).

iRest QL (A185) and Massaggio Piccolo offer comprehensive massage and high quality craftsmanship. Which one you choose depends on your preferences and personal taste, and we will be happy to demonstrate both models to you in our showroom. For more information on the specifications of the chairs, please visit their respective product pages. If you need assistance in choosing – feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2024.01.25

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