iRest Grandease vs Massaggio Stravagante 2 – comparison of massage chairs


In our comparison today, we will focus on two models: Massaggio Stravagante 2 and iRest Grandease (A550). Stravagante 2 is a chair that is one of our customers’ favorites and enjoys great popularity. The Grandease (A550) is a newer chair that has expanded our iRest brand offering and – we hope – will gain as much popularity as the Massaggio Stravagante 2. What sets these two chairs apart?

Massage system and basic functions

The first advantage of the iRest Grandease (A550) over the Massaggio Stravagante 2 is its 4D massage system, in which the massaging arms operate. The 4D system means that the massaging arms work in 3 dimensions, and additionally, some techniques utilize the fourth dimension of massage – variable speed. Thanks to the use of 4D, the massage resembles that performed by a masseur’s hands – it is accurate and precise. The Massaggio Stravagante 2 operates in a 3D system. In both models, the massaging arms move from the neck to the thighs along an SL-shape curved guide, allowing the massager to adjust to the natural shapes of the spine. Both Grandease and Stravagante 2 have a massage strength adjustment of the massaging arms on a 5level scale.

A fundamental difference between the models is that the Grandease (A550) features a divided guide, iOpen. It allows the chair to spread out into a Flat position, enhancing the effects of stretching. The Grandease (A550) lowers the backrest independently of the seat, which combined with the appropriate tilting of the footrest, increases the intensity of the spine and muscles stretching. None of the Massaggio brand chairs have a split guide, so stretching is performed using specific sequences of the leg massager, airbags, and massaging arms. Both models also recline into the Zero Gravity position, with the Grandease (A550) offering 3 levels of chair settings, and Stravagante – 2.

When comparing the number of automatic programs, there is a significant contrast: Grandease (A550) offers 18, whereas Stravagante 2 has 8, but both models perform massage in 11 techniques. Additionally, Massaggio Stravagante 2 has 3 custom program memories, whereas Grandease (A550) does not have this feature. The width and speed of the massaging arms in both chairs are adjustable in 5 levels.


An advantage of Stravagante 2 is the number of airbags – it has the most among all Massaggio chairs – 64. For comparison, Grandease (A550) has 34 airbags distributed in the zones of feet, calves, forearms, and arms. In the Massaggio model, they are additionally placed in the waist, thighs, and hips areas.

Leg massage

Both models feature an electrically extendable footrest – allowing automatic adjustment of its length to the user’s height. Besides the airbags in Stravagante 2 and Grandease (A550), feet are massaged by rollers – in Stravagante 2, they are also present in the calf area. The speed of the foot massage rollers is adjustable: in Grandease (A550) there are 5 levels, and in Stravagante 2 – 3 speed levels.

The foot massagers in both models differ in design – Grandease (A550) has an open footrest, which can be used by users with larger foot sizes, while Stravagante 2 has a closed foot massager.

Both massage chairs feature heating, which significantly enhances the massage experience and helps in massaging the muscles. Stravagante 2 uses a carbon mat to heat the back and calves. In Grandease (A550), a graphene mat is used in the back area, and thanks to a special overlay, the heating can also be directed to the torso.

Control and other conveniences

Both chairs have 3 control methods. The first is a classic remote with a screen, which allows the user to easily navigate through all the chair’s settings. The second – convenient voice control in English. Additionally, a handheld panel is available to the user. The difference in both panels lies in the range of functions that can be adjusted or activated through them. In Grandease (A550), the panel is less extensive and limited to the chair’s on/off buttons and voice control activation. In Stravagante 2, we have the same functions, plus, among others, 3D intensity adjustment, heating on/off, or backrest tilt adjustment.

The chairs are also equipped with features that enhance their comfort of use. It is worth mentioning the Bluetooth speakers, Zero Wall, and phone holder in both models, USB charger in Grandease (A550), or air ionizer in Stravagante 2.

iRest Grandease (A550) is available in two color versions: beige and black-graphite, while Massaggio Stravagante 2 comes in graphite and beige-graphite. Now you know what distinguishes the models – however, if you have any questions, or are still wondering which chair to choose – contact us, we are happy to advise.

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Published: 2024.02.22

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