iRest Grandease (A550) vs iRest Brillactiq (A665) – comparison of massage chairs


In today’s article, we compare two models from the iRest brand – Brillactiq (A665) and Grandease (A550). Both models, utilizing innovative technological solutions, can provide users with exceptional comfort and relaxation, becoming an important, permanent element of home equipment, in line with the brand’s mission. From our post, you will learn what characterizes them, as well as their unique features.

Massage system and basic functions

The basis of the massage in these massage chairs is the operation of the arms, which move in both models in a 4D system – in 3 dimensions, with varying speed while performing individual techniques. Grandease (A550) is the first model in the line to be equipped with a 4D mechanism. Both iRest Brillactiq (A665) and iRest Grandease (A550) provide precise and deeply relaxing massages. The stretching effects are enhanced by the iOpen divided guide, which allows the chair to be laid flat. The massage covers the area from the neck to the thighs – the SL-shape length in iRest Brillactiq (A665) is 135 cm, and in iRest Grandease (A550) – 130 cm. The SL-shape function ensures the massage adapts to the natural shapes of the spine for an even more precise massage. The chairs also feature Zero Gravity – with Grandease (A550) having 3 levels of chair position setting.

Users can choose from a whole range of automatic programs: Brillactiq (A665) offers 20, and Grandease -–18. Among them, in both models, there are those focused on alleviating pain in specific body parts or the entire area, programs less or more intense, or aimed at a specific effect. During the massage session, it is also possible to use specific techniques – each model has 11 of them. Additionally, Brillactiq (A665) is equipped with 2 custom program memories. The strength, speed, and width of the massage by the massaging arms in both models can be adjusted on a 5-level scale.

Air cushion massage is one of the most pleasant functions of the massage chairs. iRest Brillactiq (A665) and iRest Grandease (A550) have air cushions distributed in the forearm, arm, calf, and foot zones. A small difference is visible in their number: Grandease has 34 cushions, and Brillactiq 40. In both models, the strength of the cushion massage can be adjusted in 5 stages.

Leg massage

Leg massage in both models is performed using air cushions, operating in a compressive and pulsating mode. Besides the cushions, iRest Brillactiq has a mechanical calf massage – in combination with the cushion work, it allows for quick tension relief and provides comfort. Both chairs offer a relaxing roller foot massage, which improves circulation and relaxes tired feet. Brillactiq has a 3-level, and Grandease a 5-level scale for adjusting the speed of the rollers. It is worth noting the difference in foot massagers: Brillactiq has a closed massager, Grandease – an open one, which may be significant for people with larger foot sizes.

Brillactiq (A665) and Grandease (A550) have a valuable heating function. It relaxes the muscles, significantly facilitating and enhancing the massage. The heating in iRest Brillactiq is provided by a carbon mat placed in the back and torso area (in the heating collar),  iRest Grandease uses a graphene mat – in the same zones.

Unique features of the iRest Brillactiq (A665)

Despite many similarities and common features, iRest Brillactiq (A665) has two unique functions not found in iRest Grandease (A550).

  • Health Detection System – the chair measures pulse, blood oxygenation, and microcirculation. Based on the measurement results, it selects the most effective massage programme.
  • Magnetotherapy covering the back area, is helpful in reducing pain and accelerating cell regeneration.

Control methods and additional conveniences

It is worth paying attention to the ways of controlling the chairs. Brillactiq (A665) has an intuitive, clear touch screen, through which it is easy to navigate among all settings, functions, and programs. iRest Grandease (A550), on the other hand, is equipped with a straightforward, traditional remote control with a display, ensuring comfortable navigation through the menu. Additionally, the chairs can be controlled with voice commands in English. Both models are also equipped with handheld control panels. However, the panels differ in the range of functions: with the Grandease panel (A550), you can turn the chair on/off and the voice control function, while in Brillactiq it allows adjusting, among others, the chair position or the intensity of the 4D massage.

The chairs have features that make using them even more enjoyable: Zero Wall – the chairs automatically move away from the wall when unfolding, thus taking up less space, Bluetooth speakers allow listening to favorite music during the massage session. The chairs are also equipped with USB chargers.

iRest Brillactiq (A665) is a model that resembles a space capsule in shape, and its refined finishes give it a unique character. It is available in our offer in graphite-black or beige color schemes. iRest Grandease (A550), on the other hand, features an elegant appearance and classic shapes, which will successfully fit into many interior arrangements. Two color versions are available: black-graphite and beige. We believe that our article will help you choose your ideal massage chair. However, if you have any questions, contact us.

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Published: 2024.02.29

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