9 Knowledge 9 iRest Brillactiq massage chair (A665) in figures

iRest Brillactiq massage chair (A665) in figures


The arrival of new models in our product range involves a return to the series of articles presenting accurate dimensions and detailed technical information. So the time has come to present the first of the latest additions. The iRest Brillactiq (A665) is the largest massage chair with the most advanced features and a striking ‘spaceship’ design. Full details below:

Will the model’s dimensions allow it to be set up in the spot I’ve chosen?

Massage chair iRest Brillactiq A665 dimensions

The illustration above shows the detailed dimensions of the massage chair.


  • the seat is 52 cm wide, has a depth of 43 cm and is positioned at a height of 54 cm
  • forearm massager is 60 cm long
  • the depth of the foot massager is 28 cm, the width of the calf massager and consequently the space for legs is 12 cm,
  • the minimum door width required for free movement of the chair is 80 cm
  • minimum free space required:
    • behind the massage chair – at least 10 cm,
    • in front of the massage chair – at least 23 cm,
    • the footrest extends for additional 17 cm,
  • backrest recline adjustment – maximum 165 degrees,

More technical specs of the iRest Brillactiq massage chair (A665) below:

  • number of airbags – 40 pcs.
  • number of massaging balls – 4
  • massager tilt adjustment – yes, massaging arms operate in 4D system
  • volume <55 dB
  • airbag massage pressure – 25-30 kPa 
  • rated power input 220 W
  • stand-by power consumption <0.1-1W
  • 21×14 cm touch screen display

And when discussing the figures relating to iRest Brillactiq (A665), other features worth noting include:

  • 20 automatic programmes,
  • 6 groups of massage techniques, including 11 individual techniques, 
  • 3 massage session memory slots, where the chair stores the user’s most recent settings and creates a programme from them,
  • 2 personalised massage settings that allow you to set all massage parameters such as intensity, technique, range, airbag massage and then save them as your personal settings. 

Full description of the iRest Brillactiq massage chair (A665):

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Published: 2022.10.13

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