How to fight chronic stress with the help of a massage chair?


Nobody likes it, but probably only a few people realize how much it is needed in our lives. Stress, i. e. strong nervous tension, is a natural reaction of our body to difficult, often unexpected situations, which usually stimulates us to act. However, when we are exposed to stress for too long, it becomes chronic and begins to have a negative impact on our lives. Recent scientific research shows that this can be remedied, and the most important thing in the battle against stress is a dedicated time to relax, unwind… and a massage session. Read here about how sessions in a massage chair help in the fight against chronic stress. 

What are the causes of chronic stress?

Long-term stress has a negative impact on the whole body and its overall condition. The symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, frequent infections, loss of appetite, headaches and backache. Not only does the state of health deteriorate, but also the general wellbeing. Mood swings, lack of motivation, poor quality of work or neglecting relations with loved ones are all symptoms of chronic stress. 

We are constantly exposed to stress these days. There are numerous reasons for it, among which there is a meeting with our boss, home renovation, relocation or financial problems. However, the underlying causes of chronic stress are usually more complex and related to various aspects of everyday life. They most often refer to work, conflicts in the workplace, the need to perform tasks under pressure of time, a overwhelming number of duties or a situation in which it seems impossible to balance work and personal life. Stress can also be caused by excessive pressure exerted on oneself or undertaking tasks that exceed our capabilities. 

Is massage in a massage chair a remedy for chronic stress?

It is recommended to start the fight against chronic stress by introducing a few important changes to your everyday life. Aside from keeping a healthy diet, getting a good night’s sleep and physical activity, it is essential to find balance between work and leisure, which can be achieved through massage in a massage chair. The impact of massage on chronic stress was studied by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia. Scientific research has confirmed that the anti-stress program developed by the Spanish company Keyton reduces stress levels by 42%.

The program eliminates the effects of everyday stress completely. It stimulates and puts more and more pressure on the most strained points on the back and legs, relieving them of tension and bringing pleasant relief. The mere movement of the massage arms contributes to the general well-being, brings relaxation and relief, and gives the awareness that we are doing something for ourselves. Endorphins are also released during the massage, the mood improves and the energy is restored. 

Relaxing massage on a massage chair

The anti-stress massage in the Keyton massage chair is ideal after a stressful day at work, but there’s more to that. If you want to reduce the level of your daily stress, you can take advantage of the relaxation programs in our other massage chairs. These are usually whole-body massage programs that use relaxing techniques to relieve muscle tension. Also remember that one massage cannot bring any noticeable effects, but regular use of the chair reduces stress levels and improves well-being. 

The information on the results of the study was provided by Keyton, the manufacturer of the chairs, who commissioned the scientific study. If you are interested in a Keyton massage chair or any of the other chairs we offer, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2019.08.22

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