Fujiiryoki JP3000 vs Fujiiryoki JP2000 – comparison of massage chairs


The Japanese massage chair brand Fujiiryoki means the highest quality craftsmanship as well as the use of the most innovative solutions. We have been cooperating with them for a number of years. We started with the EC1700 and EC3700 models, then there were the EC2800 and EC3800. Next came the JP1000 model. And now we have the JP2000 and the latest JP3000 model available.


For more than 20 years, Fujiiryoki’s engineers have been working on a massage mechanism that offers the most extensive massage experience – and so the JP3000 was created. 

  • The 5D AI+ massage system, an upgraded artificial intelligence algorithm, thanks to which the JP3000 fine-tunes the intensity, technique and smoothness of the massage to the user’s current needs with masterful precision, all in real time. 
  • Dual-sensing body scan, which the JP2000 also features, is designed to adapt the massage to the spine. The JP3000, however, memorises 8 key points along the spinal line, these parameters can then be manually modified at your discretion. 
  • The JP3000 offers 38 automatic programmes and as many as 53 massage techniques. This is more than in the JP2000, which has 23 automatic programmes and 45 massage techniques.
  • A new feature used in the Fujiiryoki chair is also the personal settings storage function for two users. It allows the user to save the result of the AI+ scan, the individual configuration of 8 key points on the spinal line, the preferred chair position or the settings of all airbags.
  • In addition to reclining the chair into a flat position, just like the JP2000, Fujiiryoki’s latest model also features a Total Relax Position. Thanks to the appropriate angle of the backrest and footrest and the operating airbags, it is possible to feel deep stretching and relaxation of the entire body. 
  • Special foot massaging rollers on the JP3000 allow the Shiatsu massage technique to be performed.
  • A dedicated Mindfulness automatic programme, based on the concept of ‘meditation’, during which the massage is performed only with the massaging pads. The gentle, soothing massage is designed to calm and relax both the body and mind. 
  • Stretching offered by the JP3000 is performed in either of five programmes, from subtle to extreme. It is also possible to focus on a selected area: neck, shoulders, back, waist, knees or legs, with general stretching as an option. The JP2000 offers neck, back and waist stretching.
  • JP3000 has the ability to adjust the level of airbag massage intensity in 7 levels, and for 8 body zones. The JP2000, on the other hand, allows you to adjust the strength of the air massage between 3 and 5 levels (depending on the area). 
  • The latest model also features high-end Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to relax while listening to your favourite music. The JP2000 does not include speakers.


Although the JP2000 is the older model, it still offers excellent massage quality and spectacular relaxation experience.

  • The JP2000 is the predecessor of the JP3000, so the advantage is undoubtedly the lower price :) 
  • More airbags. JP2000 has 31 airbags, the newer model has 24. 
  • The JP2000 can store customised programmes, the JP3000 does not have this function.

Both massage chairs come in three, slightly different colour versions: JP2000 in black and brown, and JP3000 in graphite-black, white and brown. 

We hope the article will be of some help when comparing Fujiiryoki brand massage chairs and choosing the right model. If you have any questions after reading, feel free contact us.

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Published: 2023.10.19

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