FoRest Lords – Together for Masuria

FoRest Lords - together for Masuria

Saturated colours, abundance of scents and soothing silence interrupted only by the sounds of nature… Most of us associate forest with blissful relaxation, mushroom picking, blueberries eaten fresh from the bush, strolls, holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Peace, solace, tranquillity, the opportunity to connect with nature and breathe fresh, oxygenated air. 

We are originally from here, from Olsztyn and its neighbouring areas; we live, work and rest here. The Masurian forests are just around the corner and it is here where we usually spend our free time. We are not the only ones, of course, who enjoy their beauty. We have heard many times from you, our customers, that on the occasion of buying a massage chair, you also visit Masuria. Therefore, as a company that was founded here and continues to develop and care for your well-being, we want it to stay that way and we want to contribute to that – for both you and us.

Let’s plant a forest together

In order to take care of the place we all share and do something good for the region, which means so much to all of us, we decided to plant a forest :-) We have invited Stare Jabłonki Forest District, which is located near Olsztyn in a charming village known for its exceptionally beautiful surroundings and the World Beach Volleyball Championship, to join us in the FoRest Lords project. During the project we will be planting trees every year across Masuria. Together with you (something we want to encourage you to do) we will raise funds, and the Forest Inspectorate will support us with its knowledge, experience and will take care of technical issues. We are aware that the forest does not grow within a few years, so we assume the continuation of the project. In consultation with the forest inspectorate, we have selected a plot of land where the planting will be carried out, and we are planning the first planting already in the spring of 2022.

The plot’s number is 215C and it is located exactly in the Forest District Barduń, which is a part of the Stare Jabłonki Forest Division. It is a picturesque area, which impressed us right from the start :-) and it is here that we will be planting larch and oak trees. The tree planting in spring 2022 is aimed at preserving gene pool in Polish forests. This means that seeds from local, healthy larch forests are collected to prepare seedlings in container form, so that the genetics of the forest is preserved. So the seedlings to be used come from our region. What is more, apart from our plantings, an island of old trees has been left on the plot, which adds to its beauty and supports the growth of young trees.

Paweł Majer together with Ryszard Grzywiński, the Chief Forester of Stare Jabłonki Forest Division, and Jarosław Neugebauer, the Forester of Barduń Forest District discuss the details of the Project :

Your part of Masuria

How can you contribute to the FoRest Lords project? When placing an order for a massage chair, each customer will be able to “plant” their part of Masuria. All you have to do is to tick the box and add just 10 PLN to your order, which is just a fraction of the massage chair’s price. We will add 4x as much, thanks to which we will donate a total of PLN 50 for planting forests – from each order, that way you also take part in the process. We hope that every order will encourage our customers to join in, because the more people participating, the more funds we will be able to donate and the more trees we will be able to plant :-) And perhaps in time we will also engage in developing tourist and recreational infrastructure in our forests… time will tell :-)

Follow our blog and social media, because we will keep you informed about what is happening during the project. Once again, we heartily invite you to participate, because… your well-being is all that matters here!