FoRest Lords – 2,000 young oak trees have found home in the forest of the Stare Jabłonki Forest District!


They provide shelter from the sun on hot days, serve as a home and habitat for many species of animals and are an oasis of peace for people. They supply us with oxygen and are of great scenic value. We’re talking forests here.  Thanks to the FoRest Lords – Together for Nature campaign, we’re actively participating in restoring them for us as well as for future generations.

The conclusion of the second edition of the FoRest Lords project is now behind us. 21.04.23 we paid a visit to the neighbouring Stare Jabłonki Forest Inspectorate. The day was warm and sunny, perfect for planting young trees. So a group of brave volunteers set off into the field to turn it into a forest using spades and two thousand two-year-old oak trees

Foresters and all the equipment required to plant a forest awaited us on site. Quick training and off to work… Each couple was given 200 saplings to plant and these are to become the future forest. Spades in hands… it was a nice change from the daily computer work ;-).

Planting a forest presents a particular challenge for ‘office workers’, yet at the same time it’s an incredibly rewarding activity that relaxes the mind as well. It required a lot of physical effort, but the vision of growing trees and a green forest created with our hands was a source of great joy and motivation. It was fun, with endless conversations…plus these beautiful natural surroundings!

After a few hours, we completed the planting and went to have a bonfire in a wonderful place. Fine weather meant that no one was in a hurry and it was hard to walk away from the mesmerising view of Lake Czarne, the sounds, smells of nature… and sausages and potatoes roasting over the bonfire. But enough talk, time for our photos :-)

FoRest Lords – Together for Nature, is our long-term project that we started in 2021. Its purpose is to plant trees both in Poland and Europe every year. Locally, we do this in the form of employee volunteering in cooperation with the Stare Jabłonki Forest Inspectorate. To act on a wider scale, we cooperate with organisations and Reforest’Action, to whom we donate the funds we raise when our customers buy massage chairs.

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Published: 2023.05.04

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