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Some time ago, our offer was extended by long-awaited novelties, which included new versions of several chairs under the Massaggio brand. For example, our biggest bestseller, Massaggio Esclusivo, has lived to see its second edition. Although both models take pride in their advanced features and futuristic design, the improved Massaggio Esclusivo 2 differs significantly from its predecessor. You can read about all these differences in the following article.

The advantages of the Massaggio Esclusivo 2 over Esclusivo

The Massaggio Esclusivo 2 massage chair is a refreshed, expanded version of its predecessor, offering more automatic programs, with a whole range of additional, innovative features that further contribute to relaxation and rest.

See below for details:

  • Longer SL-shape – thanks to the improved SL-shape technology, the massage performed by the massaging arms adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the spine and due to its longest range (up to 135 cm) it covers the whole length of the back from the neck, through buttocks to thighs. In Esclusivo, the massage is performed with L-shape technology and its range is 3 cm shorter.
  • Unique kneading of the calves – a kneading calf massage appears in the massage chair for the first time. It is performed using a system of airbags that move in a specially programmed manner, providing an intensive, kneading massage that stimulates circulation and relaxes tension. Basic Esclusivo uses standard air cushions to massage the calves.
  • Remote control + built-in panel – all functions of the massage chair can be controlled by means of a remote control, while an additional built-in panel makes it easy to change the basic functions quickly and conveniently. Whereas in the Esclusivo, the functions of the massage chair are controlled exclusively by means of an intuitive remote control.
  • 3 temperature levels of the heating – in the Esclusivo 2 it is possible to adjust the temperature in three levels, so that it can be perfectly tuned to your individual preferences. The first Esclusivo offers only one, fixed temperature level.
  • Automatic body stretching program – an extremely relaxing function reminiscent of a morning stretch right after you wake up. It allows for gentle stretching of back and leg muscles thanks to the use of the appropriate position of the backrest and footrest combined with the operation of airbags and massaging arms. In Massaggio Esclusivo stretching takes place exclusively in the leg area.
  • Magnetotherapy – Esclusivo 2 is the first model to feature a magnetic field in the area of the hand, which enhances the massage effects and rebuilds the cells, improves the overall condition of the hand. In contrast, Massaggio Esclusivo chair has no such feature.
  • The following additional features can be indicated:
    • Built-in speakers with 3D sound system, allowing you to play your favourite music from any compatible device thanks to the Bluetooth technology
    • Voice control (English) – the voice control function lets you change programs and settings of the massage chair easily and conveniently
    • Air ionizer – generates negative oxygen ions which improve air quality and increase the benefits coming from each massage session.

The advantages of the Massaggio Esclusivo over Esclusivo 2

It might seem a little pointless to look for the advantages of the Massaggio Esclusivo massage chair over its successor, an overall improved edition, especially since, as you can clearly see above, the two models differ significantly from each other. However, Massaggio Esclusivo does have one advantage and, as one might expect, it is the price, naturally. So for anyone who is looking for a relaxing, top-quality massage, but who does not need all the advanced features of the Esclusivo 2, this model is the ideal choice. However, you have to hurry up – the first variant of Esclusivo will only be available until stocks are depleted and its production is not going to be resumed.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the available colours of the models being compared, because this information often determines the decision. Massaggio Esclusivo is available in light cream shade only. Esclusivo 2 is available in ecru and brown-graphite. 

Fotel Masujący Massaggio Esclusivo 2 zamów
Massaggio Esclusivo zamów

We hope that this article will prove helpful when comparing the chairs and deciding on the right model. A detailed description of all the functions and features of a given model is available on the product page: Massaggio Esclusivo 2 or Massaggio Esclusivo. And if you have any more questions afterwards, feel free to contact us

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Published: 2021.01.07

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