Energy saving of massage armchairs


When buying any household appliance, be it a television, washing machine or microwave oven, we always check how much electricity it consumes. The same applies to massage chairs, which are also electrically powered. Knowing the energy rating is extremely important, not only for the electricity bill you will have to pay regularly, but also for ecology and the protection of our planet. When we talk to our customers, we are frequently asked how much electricity a massage chair consumes. Is it very power consuming? Well, to the surprise of many – massage chairs are highly energy-efficient!

Massaging chair vs power consumption

Many people find it surprising that a massage chair consumes up to 10 times less electricity than an ordinary microwave oven at the same time. However, the higher the model, more elaborate, with more advanced features, the more electricity it will consume. The maximum power consumption of the most energy-efficient Fujiiryoki JP2000 chair is only 130W. The most compact Massaggio Piccolo consumes the least energy, only 45W, and for comparison – the power consumption of the largest Massaggio Stravagante 2 is 220W. We emphasise that this is the maximum power consumption when all components are operating at maximum capacity. During normal operation, such power consumption is hardly ever reached, and if it is – it is momentary. However, as you can see, even the chairs with the highest energy intake are still a fraction of that of microwave ovens or electric ovens, which comes to 1500W.

In addition, massage chairs comply with the latest European Union standards, which stipulate minimum standby power consumption. This is usually 0.1-1W. As a result, they are definitely more environmentally friendly than a couple of years ago. And an additional advantage is that we do not have to unplug the chair every time we stop using it.

How much will you pay for the electricity consumed by the massage chair?

How to convert it into Euro? Even if we take the maximum power consumption for an entire massage session into consideration, with an average household kWh rate of 0.13 euro, the massage chair will consume a maximum of 0,0063 euro in 15 minutes.

0,25h (15 min) x 0,18 kW (180W) x 0,13 euro/kWh = 0,0057 euro

As you see, there is nothing to worry about, because you will not notice any significant increase on your electricity bill after plugging the massage chair at home, even if you share it with your whole family… and your neighbours ;-)

We hope that this article has clarified some doubts, and if there are any more questions, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2021.01.28

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