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This is another article from or series, in which we compare features and functionalities of massage chairs available in our selection. Here we compare a somewhat classic model Massaggio Eccellente with its successor, our latest addition, Massaggio Eccellente 2 (also Pro version). And although both models stand out as having by far the best price/performance ratio, it is the improved and revamped Massaggio Eccellente 2 that is gaining in popularity, taking relaxation to new levels. You can find out all about the differences in the article below.

Advantages of Massaggio Eccellente 2 (PRO) over Eccellente

Massaggio Eccellente 2 is another redesigned and upgraded version of one of our most popular models. It combines all the most significant advanced massage features with a stunning, unique design. Check out the details below:

  • First of all, the new model comes in two functional versions: Eccellente 2 and Eccellente 2 PRO. The only difference between them is the foot massager present in the PRO version. This allows you to choose between business purposes (where the lack of a foot massager is an advantage – you do not have to take off your shoes) and private use, where a foot massager is most welcome. The previous generation doesn’t offer such a choice.
  • Longer SL-shape – the massage is performed with massaging arms which move on a curved track adjusted to the natural shape of the spine thanks to the improved SL-shape technology. With its 135 cm range, the massage covers the entire length of the back, from the neck through the buttocks down to the thighs. In Massaggio Eccellente the massage is performed using the L-shape system and its range is 95 cm.
  • Roller foot massage – available in the Pro version. Feet are massaged with massaging rollers and airbags which take tension off muscles. In Massaggio Eccellente the foot massage is performed with airbags and acupressure pads placed below the feet to ensure adequate pressure on selected points on each foot.
  • Extensively developed airbag massage system – in the Eccellente model 2 airbags massage the feet (in the Pro version), calves, shoulders and forearms. However, the Massaggio Eccellente doesn’t reach the shoulders, while the tension in the feet, calves and forearms is effectively reduced.
  • Magnetotherapy – available for the first time in Eccellente model, the area of legs and hands is treated with magnetotherapy, which supports restoration of cells and influences their general condition. There’s no magnetotherapy function in the Massaggio Eccellente model.

Advantages of Massaggio Eccellente over Eccellente 2

Apart from the obvious and repeatedly mentioned advantage of being cheaper (compared to the Pro version), the Massaggio Eccellente is distinguished by a few more features that do not directly affect the massage, but which may prove to be an advantage when using this very chair.

  • Zero Wall – this functionality allows the massage chair to be placed virtually up against a wall, from which it will automatically move away as it reclines. The Eccellente 2 model doesn’t offer this option, therefore at least 25 cm of free space should be left behind the chair for it to recline unobstructed.
  • Personalized massage programs – it is possible to configure and save two individual massage programs, allowing you to quickly and easily return to your favourite sequences. Massaggio Eccellente 2 doesn’t offer this feature.

It is also worth taking a closer look at the colour palette of both compared models – the differences here are considerable. Massaggio Eccellente is available only in black, while Massaggio Eccellente 2 has one colour variant: black.

 We hope that the above article will prove useful when comparing massage chairs and deciding on a particular model. You can find all about the individual functions and capabilities of the chair on the Massaggio Eccellente 2 (or Pro version) and Massaggio Eccellente respective product pages. And if you have any further questions after reading, feel free to contact us

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Published: 2021.03.04

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