9 Knowledge 9 Conveniente vs Bello 2 – comparison of massage chairs

Conveniente vs Bello 2 – comparison of massage chairs


The time has come for another list of functions and possibilities of Massaggio massage chairs. This time we are comparing models that, although they are next to each other in the offer, really differ in many things. We show the differences between Massaggio Conveniente and Massaggio Bello 2 in the article below. 

The advantage of the Massaggio Conveniente over the Bello 2

Massaggio Conveniente and Bello 2, as we mentioned in the introduction, differ quite significantly and some of their features may be crucial when comparing and when choosing one of them. 

  • Foot massage – is undoubtedly the most important difference that can be noticed immediately when comparing the appearance of the massage chairs. At Massaggio Conveniente, feet are massaged with airbags that press them from above. Another airbag massages the foot from below, ensuring pleasant relaxation and lightness. Only the calves are massaged in the Massaggio Bello 2 massage chair. 
  • Shoulder and forearm massage – another difference is already visible in the appearance of the compared massage chairs. Shoulder and forearm massages at Massaggio Conveniente are performed by as many as 24 airbags, which pleasantly wrap your hands, massage them and remove all tension. In Massaggio Bello 2 there is no possibility to massage the arms and forearms. 
  • Automatic “body stretching” program – an extremely relaxing function that resembles morning stretching. Irreplaceable in muscle relaxation, as well as in preparation for further, often more intense massage. 
  • Vibration massage – gentle, pleasant vibrations in the seat of the Massaggio Conveniente armchair perfectly strengthen the muscles and stimulate them to continue working.

The advantage of the Massaggio Bello 2 over Conveniente 

Although Massaggio Bello is a lower model and its obvious advantage is the price, it also has several extremely important functions that can decide on choosing this model.

  • Unfolding to the Zero Gravity position – this is definitely the most important difference between the compared seats. The Massaggio Bello 2 armchair automatically folds into the Zero Gravity position, considered the most comfortable. Positioning the body in a way that resembles tilting on a rocking chair allows you to relieve joints and intensify massage. The Massaggio Conveniente unfolds into a horizontal position. 
  • SL-shape – another extremely important function. Thanks to it, the massage is performed on the extended section from the neck to the buttocks. In Massaggio Conveniente, the massage arms move from the neck to the loins. 
  • Size – Bello 2 is smaller than Conveniente, so it will perfectly fit even in small rooms. 
  • No foot massage – paradoxically, the lack of foot massage in Massaggio Bello 2 can be an advantage. This solution is perfect for the waiting room for customers or in the company’s relax room, where you will not need to take off your shoes.

Colors of massage chairs

It happens that when comparing massage chairs, their color comes to the fore. Massaggio Conveniente and Massaggio Bello 2 also differ in the colors in which they appear. Massaggio Conveniente is only found in light, beige skin. In the case of Massaggio Bello 2, however, there is a choice of two color options – classic, deep black or a delicate combination with beige. A perfect background for such a selected color is leather with two types of textures, which will be the perfect choice for most interiors.

We hope that the above article will be helpful when comparing these two models and will contribute to the selection of the perfect massage chair. A detailed description of the functions and capabilities of the chair can be found on the Massaggio Conveniente or Massaggio Bello 2. product page. If you have additional questions after reading, please contact us

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Published: 2018.08.09

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