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The South Korean brand Bodyfriend is the epitome of modernity in the service of health and well-being. So far, two models of Bodyfriend massage chairs have appeared in our offer: Phantom Care and Phantom Rovo. Soon, an innovative and exceptional chair will join them: Bodyfriend Davinci!

Bodyfriend Davinci is the world’s first and only chair that, using special sensors located around the hands and feet, measures the user’s current body composition. Based on the collected information on 7 parameters (muscle mass, percentage of body fat, BMI, body water content, protein, minerals, and body type), it selects an optimally tailored massage. By using BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) and memory of measurement results, the chair allows tracking changes occurring in the body over the course of a week, month, or year. A significant element is the acupressure massage of the hands, supported by therapy with red LED light (at a wavelength of 620 nm) and heating, aimed at alleviating joint and bone pain, as well as supporting tissue regeneration.

The user has access to 46 automatic programs and 7 massage techniques, including special programs such as Mental, Brain, Meditation, or Healthcare Massage, which affect emotional stability and provide relief for various discomforts. The massage arms of the chair move along a profiled 3D SL-shape guide, from the neck to the thighs. The XD PRO massage system uses a unique Finger Moving technology, allowing for an increased, precise range of motion of the massage balls inward into the body (every 1.25 mm). The chair allows for full adjustment of parameters: massage strength of the massage arms in 6 levels, width in 3, and speed in a 5-level scale. 56 air cushions are placed in the hand, arm, forearm, loins, calf zones, and the massage intensity in each can be adjusted separately (or all zones at once). Special foot and calf massagers and rollers with a unique shape ensure relaxation of the feet and calves. Davinci offers an extensive heating system: heated massage balls work from the neck to the buttocks. Additionally, warmth spreads around the waist, hands, calves, and feet.

The chair is also equipped with a convenient 8.7-inch LCD display, through which the user can not only control all the functions of the chair but also watch movies or listen to music using their favorite applications. Interestingly, the tablet has a camera, with which the user can take photos and even record video footage without interrupting the massage. The user also has a control panel and buttons near the hands for managing the basic settings of the device without removing the hands from between the massagers.

For an even better relaxation experience, the Bodyfriend massage chair incorporates features such as storing settings for 29 users, memory of 12 favorite settings, high-quality 4 Bluetooth speakers, Zero Gravity (with 3 chair adjustment levels), and Zero Wall.

The design of the chair was created in collaboration between Bodyfriend and ITALDesign and was inspired by the Italian automotive world. Davinci’s form exudes futuristic elegance, with its smooth, aerodynamic shapes adding a sense of lightness. The chair’s color scheme is in cool shades of gray and navy blue, giving it a modern, exclusive look. The subtly incorporated Bodyfriend logo on the chair’s side perfectly complements its sophisticated appearance, while the window at the back allowing a glimpse of the massager’s operation underscores the reference to automotive design and evokes the work of components in the finest Italian machines.

Bodyfriend Davinci Design


Bodyfriend is a leading world brand in the medical industry, originating from South Korea. It specializes in the production of technologically advanced, designer devices, mainly massage chairs. Bodyfriend’s mission is to extend the average human life expectancy by 10 years. The brand continuously develops its research and scientific background to significantly improve the quality of life of its customers and to influence them to build healthy habits. Bodyfriend chairs are designed to support both physical and mental well-being of users.Bodyfriend Davinci will be available in our offer and showrooms soon – we encourage you to follow our communication channels.

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Published: 2024.03.07

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