Zero Wall in massage chair

Zero Wall in massage chair

In this article another incredibly practical function available in massage armchairs will be described. Zero Wall function isn’t about massage, it is about saving much space in room, where massage armchair stands. Advantages of Zero Wall function will be mentioned in further part of this article.

What is Zero Wall function about?

This function has a huge impact on massage armchair’s functionality. Thanks to this function, only 5 cm of free space between massage armchair and wall behind him is required. It’s possible because massage armchair, while unfolding will automatically move away from the wall. For comparison when massage armchair doesn’t have Zero Wall function, at least 55cm of space between massage armchair and wall is required.

What do we get when we have Zero Wall function in our massage armchair?

We mainly get more free space in room, because we are able to move massage armchair almost directly to the wall. It means that more developed massage armchairs, which have Zero Wall function occupy as much space as the small, more compact ones without this function. We also gain on aesthetics consideration. Massage armchair blends into surroundings much better, when he doesn’t have behind him empty, unused space.

Unless we don’t plan to place massage armchair in the middle of the room, this function will be very useful. Zero Wall, together with Zero Gravity and L-shape determines new standards among massage armchairs. How useful those functions are, You can find out by testing massage armchairs Massaggio Stravagante, Esclusivo, Eccelente or Tokuyo iFancy.


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