What is the most effective way to massage in the massage chair?

Even more effective massage in massage chair

No special preparations are needed for massage in the massage chair. However, to make the massage even more effective and pleasant, you can and should take care of a few details. In the following article we will tell you what to do to fully use these several minutes of massage. 

External environment and massage in the massage chair

Although we often don’t realize it, the person being massaged is affected by a lot of different external stimuli. Noise from behind the window, conversation from the other room, phone ringtone or transmission of yesterday’s match on TV. It’s hard to rest, focus on your body and relax. To make it more effective and enjoyable, it is good to start by setting up the massage chair in a place where you can calm down. And then think whether it would be better to close the door, mute the phone or turn off the TV. And now all you need to do is play your favourite music from the speakers, close your eyes, relax and let the massage arms work.

How to dress for massage in the massage chair?

Comfortable, that’s for sure! Clothes must not impede movement or cause discomfort. If you have a chair that massages forearms, remove your watch and jewellery. Trousers should not have a belt – pressure of massaging arms across the edge of the belt will certainly not be pleasant or effective. For massage in a massage chair you don’t need to wear any special clothing, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable – regardless of whether you’ll be in a tracksuit or a shirt :) 

A few additional tips

What else is worth knowing when massaging in a massage chair? During the massage, just like during a nap, the human body cools down slightly. That is why it is a good solution to cover yourself with a specially prepared blanket, which will allow you to maintain an appropriate body temperature. The blanket has the right size, thanks to which it will pleasantly cover the body, but also will not be pulled between the moving parts of the massage chair. 

Sometimes first massages in the massage chair can cause slight discomfort. Why? The muscles are tense and not accustomed to the massage arms, whose task is to massage and relax them. Therefore, it is worth knowing at the very beginning not to overuse it. But one thing at a time. You should first get your body used to the massage. And then you can increase its range and frequency every day. 

Surely after the first tests of the massage chair, after trying out most of the functions, you will choose the programs that you like the most. Once you get to know how the massage chair works, it is advisable to limit it to as few programs as possible. Too frequent use or even playing with the remote control from the chair requires lifting your head and neck, which can lead to increased neck muscle tension. 

You already know what to remember to make the massage in the massage chair even more effective. And if you have any additional questions while reading, please contact us.