Stretching in massage chairs – vlog #30

Vlog stretching in massage chairs

The stretch function is one of those functions in a massage chair that are labelled as the most enjoyable ones. Comparable to a lazy morning stretch right after waking up, it brings extremely pleasant relaxation and makes you feel refreshed. In this episode of our Vlog, Paweł explains what stretching actually is, what it looks like depending on the model, and how it differs from the stretching known from the gym or fitness centre.

Rozciąganie i stretching w fotelu masującym

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– Paweł, I’m curious about the stretching program.

– There is such an automatic program – stretching in massage chair. I took the liberty of activating Massaggio Conveniente, which is already running this program, and in a moment it’ll begin the actual movement.

However, what I need to start with is the purpose of this stretching. If you’d like to do a straight-legged bending over after this automatic program, then unfortunately you won’t be able to do it right away ;-) That’s not that kind of stretching, as in the case of stretching before sports or in the gym, where we interact with our body quite intensively. In massage chairs we’ll always have this stretch more gentle, relaxing, casual. And actually, to get to the point of this full forward bend, we would have to have a lot of such massages. But how does it actually work?

We have airbags in the massage chair that wrap around the body during the massage. Next, the backrest and the footrests are active during the automatic stretching program, which means that the backrest gently goes down and the footrest also pulls us down a little bit. This gives the impression of being stretched out on this chair. The massager on the back also plays a major role in this model, as it stretches and massages the back muscles using appropriate techniques. We trigger a gentle stretching of the muscles of the back and the upper parts of the legs. And these are really the basics of stretching in massage chairs.

But moving on to other chairs, which are a little bit different in their construction than Massaggio Conveniente, like for example Eccellente 2 Pro, where the framework combines the backrest and the seat. They are connected by design. The whole seat moves backwards along with the backrest, which means that during the automatic stretching program, we’re alternately lying down, getting up, lying down, and this is where the massager on the back comes into play, which also stretches our back muscles using rolling, kneading or tapping techniques. And in fact, with each subsequent massage chair, like the Massaggio Stravagante, we’ll have a more developed stretching, because we have more airbags, the massager is even more refined, so it can operate in a completely different way.

The ultimate stretching capabilities can be found in the Fujiiryoki JP2000 model, actually its 3 automatic stretching programs, which will stretch the back muscles extensively thanks to the truly excellent massager on the back. We’ll spend more time lying down and our legs will be pulled gently down.

This is what the stretching function looks like, so if our goal is not to stretch the body to the extreme so that we bend to the floor with straight legs, but to gently relax, massage, stretch the muscles a bit, then the chairs will work great thanks to the automatic stretching – stretching program.