Shiatsu massage in a massage chair

Shiatsu massage in a massage chair

Asian massage technique with its fantastic influence on the human body and psyche, enriched with a catchy, marketing name, has gained great popularity today and has become a function available in practically every massage device. But what exactly is shiatsu? Under this vague, oriental name, there is a simple, universal technique of massage, based on seemingly regular pressure. You can find out more about shiatsu massage,its course and applications by reading the following article.


Shiatsu, translating from Japanese, means "pressing with a finger". And this reflects to a very large extent what this massage technique is all about. According to the shiatsu rules, the massage therapist, by using his body weight, presses with his hand the energy channels, running through the human body. This smooth but rhythmical pressure is intended to restore the natural, free and unhindered flow of energy through these very channels. It relates to the shiatsu philosophy, according to which the cause of all physical and mental problems faced by the person are disturbances in the flow of energy in the body. Such disturbances may occur due to stress, lack of rest, improper diet or too frequent use of stimulants - it is hard to avoid all of this today... ;-)


The mechanism in the massage chairs imitates with great precision the movements of the hands of the massage therapist, so that those who are massaged can benefit from basic massage techniques like shiatsu. This compression technique, based on acupressure and stretching, is slightly different in massage chairs of different brands. In Massaggio armchairs, the massage arms smoothly press down on areas along the spine line. In the Japanese Fujiiryoki JP1000 it is a very gentle pressure, deepened in the second stage of movement. The shiatsu technique may not be eye-catching, but it is extremely effective. By reaching deep muscles, it provides maximum relaxation and relief from ailments.


Apart from unlocking the energy channels a shiatsu massage provides a lot of other benefits for the body and psyche of the person. First of all, the massage, by compressing the muscles, relaxes and unwinds you. It soothes accumulated tensions, restores harmony and balance. It is especially recommended for people suffering from headaches, back pain or muscle spasms. It helps with depression, prevents insomnia and has a positive effect on concentration. Pressing the individual points on the body regulates the correct lymph flow and blood circulation.

If you want your massage chair to offer you a shiatsu massage, please contact us - we will advise you which model to choose. 


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