Rotating footrest in a massage chair

Rotating footrest in massage chairs Rest Lords

Two compact massage chairs from our assortment are equipped with one of the most functional leg massager solutions. It is inconspicuous at first glance, but after turning it you get the possibility of a relaxing calf massage. Trivial? Perhaps, but are you aware of all the advantages of such a solution?

Advantages of a rotating footrest

The rotating footrest allows you to use the chair in two ways. An unturned footrest can serve, for example, as a comfortable leg support. The massage chair will then successfully take on the role of a traditional armchair. Regardless of whether you plan to read a book, watch TV or relax after a hard day, just sit back, stretch your legs and unwind. The legs are then free to move, the frames of the calf massage unit do not restrict the movements. That’s how leisure time should be spent ;-)

In the other option, if you want or need to, you can rotate the footrest and enjoy the massage function. A 15-minute calf massage session will restore their lightness, provide pleasant relief and relaxation. 

There is another, less obvious, but equally significant advantage. The retractable footrest further reduces the size of the compact massage chair models – simply because the frame of the massage unit does not protrude outwards. Such a chair is ideal for smaller rooms. In addition, a footrest mounted in this way makes the massage chair similar to ordinary armchairs and can therefore be a perfect complement to the rest of the furniture. Unless you want to expose the fact that it is a massage chair – then keep the calf massagers up front ;-)

Rotating footrest in massaggio chairs

Under the Massaggio brand, the Bello 2 and Ricco feature a rotating footrest. These compact massage chairs offer a soothing calf massage with airbags that not only relax the calves, but also regulate lymph flow and improve blood circulation. Additionally, in order to best suit the massage to your needs, it is possible to adjust the pressure delivered by the airbags in both seats. 

So if it is versatility that you care about and it is to be used both for massage and for relaxing, think about choosing a massage chair with a rotating footrest. Check out our product range, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us