A relaxing chair with a massage feature

Massage chair leisure Rest Lords

Relaxing chair is generally associated with a very comfortable, sometimes very soft armchair, in which we can sit for hours, either with a book or watching a good movie. When it comes to a massage chair, the design and profiling of the backrest or the seat are mainly focused on fitting the massage session perfectly. The priority here is the effective operation of the massage arms, so its backrest and the seat (especially L-Shaped) are not as soft. Can this two features be combined? The conventional answer is “it depends”. We will try to explain this in this article.

Armchairs with a massage function

The selection of leisure armchairs is really wide on the market at the moment. We have armchairs that can be folded out, armchairs with a footrest, headrest, designer ones, and more and more often massage chairs or ones having a massage function. Such a combination sounds ideal, but may not fully meet customers’ expectations. Most often, the upholstery hides simple massage mats, massage points or vibration points. Such an armchair will actually be a relaxing one, but the “massage” will still be just an additional feature. Naturally, you will feel some stroking, patting, but the massage will remain – to put it mildly – a cheap imitation.

Massage chairs and the leisure function

As the name suggests, massage chairs perform massage. Their shape is designed to support our proper posture, so that the massage is performed accurately. That’s why they have a rather inflexible finish of the backrest and seat. Those with a calf massage feature also have appropriate footrests with “tunnels” for calves and feet. Nevertheless, they can be used as traditional leisure armchairs. A nap or rest after a massage is always an option, but the comfort of sitting in a typical massage chair for a longer period of time can be rated poorer than in a good leisure armchair. However, there is hope…

Keyton h10 – combining massage and relaxation

The perfect example of how to combine a leisure armchair with a massage function is a massage chair of the Spanish brand Keyton H10. It doesn’t look like a typical massage chair at first glance, but thanks to creativity of designers it was possible to hide a professional and complex massage mechanism under the beautiful exterior and leisure character. It is like two armchairs in one, so you can decide for yourself what you want to use it for. 
Unlike other massage chairs, Keyton H10 has a very soft seat, an extra fluffy cushion wrapping the backrest and extremely comfortable calf massages. This makes it ideal for use as a traditional leisure armchair. As in typical massage chairs, without starting the massage program we can unfold the chair to any desired position, but in this case you can also sit here for hours reading, sleeping or simply relaxing.
However, by removing the leisure cushion, the massage arms gain access to our muscles and we can start using the massage feature, quality of which is extraordinary in Keyton H10. 

Keyton H10 massage chairs are characterised by an innovative, carefully designed massage system. Using modern technologies, the designers of this Spanish brand have created a system that is both precise and relaxing. A unique, intelligent scan that adjusts the massage to 128 of the most characteristic points along the spine provides an extremely precise and pleasant massage. Additionally, the patented calf massage technology effectively restores lightness and soothes the legs by rubbing them and stimulating blood circulation. 
Another advantage of Keyton massage chairs worth mentioning is their customisation feature.

Hence, the Keyton H10 seems to be the perfect solution for those thinking about a massage chair but who want to use it every day for relaxation. Perfect design, fully customizable, and what’s most important, a private massage therapist at your fingertips. Dreams come true ;-) If you are interested in this model or if you have any questions after reading this article – feel free to contact Us.