This massage chair is loved by women!

The most popular massage chair among women

Cloves, tights, chocolates.... banal and not exactly for these days anymore, right? Or maybe this year Women's Day will be a perfect excuse to buy a massage chair? The one that women love the most... There is not much time left until the 8th of March, so we remind you which massage chair to choose to delight your wife, mother, grandmother and yourself ;-)

The ideal massage chair for women

...about what women pay attention to when choosing a massage chair. First of all - massage, secondly - design, last but not least - colour. Or maybe the other way around? :-)

Massage, which women choose on, is certainly much softer and more relaxing. An important role is played by precision and accuracy in massage, especially those places that are usually omitted during the session with the masseur, usually because of the possible discomfort, to say the least. An ideal massage must also relieve pain and relax as much as possible.  It also should allow us to rest and give us a moment to forget about the problems of everyday life :-)

Massage chair design

The truth is, however, that even a superb massage session won't matter if the massage chair doesn't impress a woman with its appearance. This is actually the first thing they pay attention to. Only when you like the way the chair looks, you can try out a massage :-) And when it comes to the look itself - top quality workmanship, perfect stitching and brilliant colour combinations - everything should be refined to the smallest detail. However, it is known that every woman has her own opinion - some love classic lines in dark shades, while others admire exclusive shapes in light colours. And, as we have noticed, if it is a woman who makes the decision, she usually chooses the cream shade. The most important thing, however, is to make sure that the massage chair matches the interior. During one of the presentations it turned out, for example, that the massage chair had to match the curtains in the living room ;-)

Moreover, many women pay attention to the size of a chair. As they are usually smaller and shorter than men, they fear that a massage chair will be too big for them. However, our experience shows that most women can enjoy massage in any massage chair. The massage chairs, thanks to the height scan, perfectly adjust the massage to the person. It should also be noted that the range of massage chairs is so diverse that we can find the ideal model even for a slightly-built person that will provide her with a tailored and relaxing massage.

However, despite these differences, the one that wins the heart of most women stands out from all the other models and is definitely the most popular one.

The most popular massage chair among women

While preparing to write this text we followed our statistics and although, as we wrote above, women decide on different models, the favourite one is Massaggio Esclusivo. It is considered by some to be the most modern and original, by others to be typically feminine and stylish. What makes it stand out?  

Comparable with nothing else experience and the greatest admiration arouses L-shape technology, thanks to which in this model the massage arms move on the longest section, massaging not only the back, but also reaching the buttocks and thighs. You won't find such a massage range in no other model. Probably loved on par with L shape technology is also leg massage, which in Massaggio Esclusivo is sensational, as proved by the opinions given to us on our website. The combination of rollers and airbags perfectly removes tension and weight from the legs, especially if you have to spend the whole day in pins. After many hours of walking in the uncomfortable shoes or sitting in front of a computer, massage in the Zero Gravity position will be irreplaceable. This position relieves the spine and relaxes the muscles, provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation and blissful rest after a long day. And also, the heating.... infrared rays that pleasantly warm muscles and joints, and which can cover your back like a warm blanket, are especially recommended on cold days. 

It is thanks to all these qualities that Massaggio Esclusivo is the most frequently chosen massage chair among women and for women. As you can see, the massage chair can be a perfect gift, even on the upcoming Woman’s Day.

 If you want this day to be surprisingly special, have a look at our offer, and if you are also considering a different model and need help with your choice, please contact us.


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