Massage chair Keyton H10 – New Product!

Massage chairs Keyton novelty Rest Lords

We’re very happy to announce that we have a new massage armchair in our offer. One of its kind, produced by Spanish brand Keyton. Armchairs are already tested. Now it’s time to show them. It’s the first massage armchair with possibilities like this on Polish market!

Personalization of massage chair Keyton H10

We are frequently asked about different colours of armchairs. We have an answer: massage armchair Keyton H10. We’re sure that they will meet expectations of those clients, who are looking for unique pattern-designing. Their biggest advantage is possibility of complete personalization. Elements that can be personalized: specific design of armchair (there are 5 designs to choose), colour of leather, colour of wood, and colour of other parts of armchair. For some people it’s a very good occasion to blend in an armchair into interior. Some people have a possibility to create their unique armchair.

Fotel masujący Keyton H10

Materials used in massage chair Keyton H10

Keyton brand uses the highest quality materials in their armchairs. Massage armchairs are upholstered with different kinds of material. Dalma Premium is a natural, grain, semi-aniline leather. Its characteristic feature are open pores, which were gently dyed. Unique leather texture is very soft and pleasantly warm. Another material, called Texas is also natural leather, which is characterised by consistent and recurrent structure. It’s not as soft as Dalma, but it’s more durable. This leather will maintain its beauty for many years. The last material used to upholster massage armchairs is Carabu – material padding. The highest quality fabric looks beautiful, plus it can be cleaned with water without detergents.

Special massage in massage chair Keyton H10

Massage armchairs Keyton H10 provide special massage system, which is a combination of precision and adjusted intensity. Innovative and unique technologies, like SensorScan Pro, which detects muscle tensions or patented 3D Touch Control, which relaxes your legs, makes massage in Keyton H10 different from the massage in other armchairs. It’s a great way to relax between business meetings, after hard workout or before sleep.

European massage chair brand

Original design, exclusiveness and the newest technological solutions are their identification marks. Brand Keyton was estimated in 1989 in Spanish province Alicante. At the beginning it was a small family business, nowadays it’s known worldwide massage armchairs manufacturer. Beautiful look of those armchairs is an effect of collaboration with designers from Giugiaro Design. In Giugiaro Design works Giorgetto Giugiaro – the best car designer of 20th century.

How to order massage chair Keyton H10

Massage armchairs Keyton H10 are unique, because they are created by the Client, which means that they are produced on individual order. It takes a longer time to realise an order like this (around 3 weeks). If you would like to test Keyton massage armchairs, there is a possibility to test them in our salon in Olsztyn. We have each of five models here! If you live very far from Olsztyn, we can come to you with a presentation of chosen model.

More information about new armchairs is on subpage: Keyton H10. If you would like to create your dream massage armchair Keyton H10, contact us, before ordering.