Massage chair delivery – vlog #26

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When purchasing a massage chair from Rest Lords, you can choose between two methods of delivery – through a courier company and our own delivery service under our proprietary Carefree Delivery formula. In this episode Paweł discusses both delivery methods and their advantages as well as points out the differences between them. He also hints at what to look for when choosing the right delivery option.

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Other episodes of our vlog can be found on our website under the VLOG tab. We hope that AR technology and the ability to see a virtual massage chair at your home turns out to be useful in choosing the perfect model. And if you still have any questions after watching the episode, feel free to contact us.


– Paweł, massage chair is far from being small, it would be difficult to pick it up from the store and take it home. How do you deliver the massage chairs?

– In general there are two ways of delivery. First: courier, in Poland or abroad. It’s a little bit more expensive abroad, it’s priced individually and first of all it takes a little bit longer, depending on the distance we have to ship the chair, so the delivery time will be longer. And in Poland? We have the 72h contract with a courier company, so the chair is usually delivered the following day. Counting from the day we release it, of course. It doesn’t take long on our part, we release massage chairs right away. With the courier you can expect the chair to come secured in a cardboard box on a pallet, but to you’ll need to carry it inside yourself. There are video tutorials on how to open the chair and how to assemble it, but it has to be carried in by at least two people, taking care not to damage it. Likewise, you can find the manual or use the video tutorials devoted to the first use.

And the other type of delivery, definitely more interesting for us, because there are a thousand stories here, situations that we’ve encountered during our Carefree Deliveries. That’s the name of our delivery formula, where we carry, assemble the chair and instruct you on how to use it. First of all, we deliver everywhere. Situations with snow chains in Zakopane, situations with a ferry in Świnoujście, situations of all kinds of reaching or not reaching the customer, we can handle it, we’ll arrive on time. And this is cool in my opinion, but it’s also repeated in customers’ opinions, that we make an appointment for a specific time, we give you the time frame when we’ll arrive. You don’t have to wait half a day for us, nor do you have to reserve whole Saturday because we’re going to come on a Saturday, but we arrange for a specific time with some margin given.

The second thing: carrying the chair in. There are two gentlemen who have all kinds of ways to bring this chair in. We’ve brought it up to the fourth floor. Even higher! There was a situation of an out-of-order elevator in a block of flats. There was a situation when a customer showed us a hole in the ceiling and said: “that’s where I’d like that chair”. We never give up. Our guys are like that, they always bring the chair in, think and look for solutions. And we can manage to place it anywhere. First of all, the important part of it is safety, they won’t damage anything. They take care of the chair and try not to damage anything else, although there were some exceptions. We once had a situation where a customer had a floor made of very soft wood. Unfortunately, we moved the chair across that floor and a mark was left. Of course, we have insurance for such incidents. We had to replace the floor practically in the whole room, because replacing a single panel was not an option, it was a matter of shade.

On the other hand, our guys always bring the chair in safely, trying to keep it secure in relation to the furniture around. And there was also one situation when we were lifting the chair through the window. This also shows that in fact we can handle any kind of request. Of course, the gentlemen have the equipment and experience to lift these chairs. Some of them weigh 40 kilos, but there are others that weigh 150, so the assistance is invaluable. And then there’s the part where they demonstrate the functions of the massage chair, and that’s always better despite the video tutorials and printed manuals. It’s always easier to have a person next to you who can tell you right away: “that’s like this, and this can be set up differently”. 

I’ve been rambling on about Carefree Delivery, but like I said, there’s a lot of stories there that go along with it. In fact, every road trip is a story. There are two options: courier and Carefree Delivery. And hopefully, I’ve covered the differences quite exhaustively.