Massage chair delivery abroad

Massage chair delivery abroad

We often receive questions about possibility of sending massage armchair outside Poland. Until now it was unusual service, but thanks to extension of collaborative working with courier company DB Schenker, we standardised shipment of massage armchairs.

If You live in one on 15 EU countries and would like to order massage armchair with delivery to your place, stay calm, we will take care of everything. Acquire more information in further part of article.

Cost of massage armchair delivery outside Poland

Cost of massage armchair delivery depends on destination country. Cheapest delivery is to Slovakia and the most expensive to Ireland. All prices are specified below:

  • Great Britain – 550zł
  • Germany – 390zł
  • Czech Republic – 330zł
  • Ireland – 615zł
  • Slovakia – 315zł
  • Sweden – 425zł
  • Netherlands – 375zł
  • Lithuania – 325zł
  • Norway – 565zł
  • Italy – 325zł
  • France – 510zł
  • Belgium – 375zł
  • Denmark – 465zł
  • Austria – 475zł
  • Spain – 550zł

Those are gross prices, which should be added to current price of massage armchair. Remember that if it’s necessary, You can pay in euro or U.S. dollars (without exchange office’s commission for currency exchange).

Time of massage armchair delivery outside Poland

Time of realization is from 3 to 8 workdays and depends on delivery address. To countries located close to Poland armchair can be delivered within 3 days, on the other hand for package delivered to Spain or Ireland You’ll have to wait a little bit.

If You live in one of countries mentioned above, choose massage chair, which is perfect for You, order it and wait for delivery. If You live in other country, just contact us and we will surely organise transport, even to North Pole ;)


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