Massage armchairs showroom in Olsztyn


More and more Customers were interested in testing massage armchairs convinced us to open massage armchairs showroom in Olsztyn. We recently finished decoration in our new locum… Here it is!

Not too big and cosy salon is in renewed Funk’s Barracks in Olsztyn, at Kasprowicza 4 Street local 30. Access is very easy, we are close to main road. Climate and atmosphere is different from the one in shopping centres. We took care about comfort and cosiness ;)

We invite You to Warmia and Mazury, where You can freely test each armchair that we offer and talk with us over a coffee, to make the most accurate choice.

Remember – your good frame of mind is our priority ;)

I warmly invite You to visit us!
Paweł Majer



We moved! More information about the showroom can be found in the article New address of massage chairs on our blog.


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