Massage Chair Airbags and Air Massages

Airbags massage chairs Rest Lords 2021

The core of the massage chair’s operation and its most important element is the mechanical massage performed by the massaging arms. One essential complement to this, which first appeared in massage chairs in 1995, is the massage with airbags. In the following article, you’ll read which parts of the body are massaged by airbags in different models and what benefits they bring.

Benefits of the airbag massage

By providing contraction and relaxation of the muscles, airbags perform their most important function, which is to regulate the proper flow of lymph, improve blood circulation and pump blood towards the heart. As a result, muscles are better oxygenated and blood pressure gets lowered. Having a properly functioning circulation also supports the detoxification process, i.e. it facilitates getting rid of all toxins from the blood being transported to the heart. From our experience, we know that massage with airbags is appreciated especially by women. Walking in stilettos or doing standing work is often associated with leg ailments, even such as varicose veins. The airbags massage the legs, relieve them of heaviness and tension, and bring pleasant relaxation. In addition, the airbags contribute to the comfort of the massage, which translates into even greater rest and relaxation.

Airbag massage in different chair models

Mechanical massage is accompanied by airbags in every chair available in our assortment. However, the higher the model, the more advanced this feature is. Thus, starting from the most basic models, the airbag massage in Massaggio Ricco and Massaggio Bello 2 is only applied around the calves. In the next model – Massaggio Conveniente – there’s an additional massage of the shoulders and forearms. Moreover, it is the first model to feature foot massage, where the airbags massage the top of the feet and under the toes. The Massaggio Eccellente 2 Pro has a similar set of airbags, although it lacks the airbag under the toes in the leg massager. On the other hand, in its second version, the Massaggio Eccellente 2, which has no foot massager, the airbags massage the arms, forearms and calves.

The higher tier of massage chairs include a more elaborate airbag massage. In the Massaggio Esclusivo 2, the airbags relax the forearms, shoulders, feet and calves. And it’s the calf massage that’s so unique in this model. The kneading calf massage, which makes its first entry in the entire product range, is performed by airbags that move in an appropriately programmed manner, somewhat resembling waves. The most innovative model, Massaggio Stravagante 2, is equipped with even more airbags. Apart from massaging the shoulders, forearms, feet and calves, which have already been covered in lower models, it has airbags in the backrest – wrapping the thighs and waist. What is worth noting, however, in both of the most advanced Massaggio models there are as many as 18 airbags around the feet! However, the real air massaging throne is the Fujiiryoki JP2000 chair. This exceptional and pleasantly relaxing set of airbags massages your legs, arms, back and more. The airbags are also integrated into the contoured seat. Accompanied by a pulse massage, the airbag massage in this Japanese model imitates pressure applied by a human hand. This is a very calm movement, additionally deepened, which may be considered by some as not very impressive, but, looking at the above-mentioned benefits, certainly very effective.

Adjusting the intensity of the airbag massage

Each massage chair equipped with airbags offers the possibility of adjusting the intensity of their operation. When it comes to the Massaggio brand, you can adjust the work of the airbags massaging the upper and lower parts of the body independently. Fujiiryoki JP2000 massage chair allows for full, extremely precise regulation. You can control the intensity of individual airbags massaging different parts of your body, which means that, for example, leg massage can be at a different intensity than the massage with the airbags placed in the seat.

Adjusting the intensity proves useful in case of such ailments as varicose veins mentioned above, but it’s especially recommended at the beginning of your adventure with the massage chair. At that time, when muscles are not yet accustomed to being massaged and tensions appear, it’s advisable to start with the lowest intensity. Over time, of course, after the body becomes used to the touch, this intensity can be increased. Consequently, the massage can be optimally adjusted to your personal needs, resulting in extraordinary pleasure, comfort and relaxation.

As you see, the airbag massage is extremely important feature that affects the effectiveness of the massage and increases the feeling of unwinding and relief. So if you’re thinking about a massage chair with this kind of functionality, take a look at our offer, and if you have any questions while reading, feel free to contact us.