Massage with airbags in the massage chair

Airbags massage chairs Rest Lords

The core of the massage chair and its most important element is the mechanical massage performed with the massage arms. The airbag massage is a very important addition to the massage chairs, which first appeared in 1995. In the following article you will learn which parts of the body are massaged with airbags in each model and what benefits this brings. 

The benefits of airbag massage

Airbags by causing muscle contraction fulfil their most important task, i.e. regulate the proper flow of lymph and improve blood circulation. The purpose of airbag massage is to pump the blood towards the heart. Thanks to this, the muscles are more oxygenated and blood pressure is lowered. Proper circulation also helps with the detoxification process, i.e. it makes it easier for the body to get rid of all toxins from the blood that are transported to the heart. From our experience we know that airbag massage is most appreciated by women. Walking on high heels or doing standing work is often associated with leg ailments, even such as varicose veins. Airbags massage the legs, relieve the tension and bring pleasant relaxation. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, airbags also increase the comfort of massage which results in even greater relaxation.

Airbag massage depending on the chair model

In every chair available in our offer mechanical massage is supported by airbags activity. However, the more advanced the model, the more advanced this action is. Starting with the most basic models, Massaggio Bello narrows down airbag massage to the thighs and calves. Another model, Massaggio Conveniente, includes massage of arms and forearms. In addition, its first appearance makes foot massage, in which the pillows massage the feet from above and under the toes. A similar set of airbags, but without an airbag under toes, is available to Massaggio Eccellente

High-end massage chairs contain more extensive airbag massage. At Massaggio Esclusivo, airbags relax the calves, feet, forearms and arms. The most innovative Stravagante, apart from massage of shoulders, forearms, feet and calves, which already appeared in simpler models, has airbags on the backrest that cover thighs and back. However, Fujiiryoki JP1000 chair is a real massaging air throne. Unique and the largest set of airbags massages legs, back and hands, but that’s not the end of its possibilities. Airbags are also located in a properly profiled seat. Airbag massage in Japanese model, in addition to pulsed massage, imitates the pressure with the human hand. It is a very calm movement, specially deepened which by some may be considered not very effective, but by looking at the above mentioned benefits, the massage is certainly very effective. 

Adjustment of the intensity of airbag massage

Each massage chair with airbags has an adjustable intensity. Massaggio chairs can be adjusted separately for upper and lower parts of body. Full and extremely precise adjustment is possible with Fujiiryoki JP1000 massage chair. The intensity of the airbag massage can be adjusted independently for each part, e.g. leg massage can have a different intensity than the massage with airbags placed in the seat. 

The intensity adjustment is suitable for such ailments like the varicose veins mentioned above, but it is especially helpful at the beginning of the adventure with the massage chair. When the muscles are not yet massaged, tensions appear and it is advisable to start the massage at the lowest intensity. Over the time, of course, this intensity can be increased once the body has become accustomed to the touch. Thanks to this, the massage can be perfectly adjusted to your own needs and provide you with extraordinary pleasure, comfort and relaxation.. 

You already know how important the airbag massage is. If you care about a chair with such a massage, have a look at our offer, and if you have any questions while reading, please contact us.