Leg massage in massage chair

Leg massage in Rest Lords massage chairs

The most basic function, which each massage armchair have is back massage. The other, also very important, functions are massage with air cushions and leg massage. If you have a job, in which you stand all the time or walk in heels the whole day and dream about pleasant leg massage in the evening, read this article. There are information how massage armchairs massage legs and how diversified this massage can be.


Major part of massage armchairs has leg massage function. Depending on the model it can be more or less complex leg massage. Massaggio Bello has the simplest leg massage, which focuses mainly on massaging calves. Pressure activated on legs by air cushions causes muscle tensions and relaxations and stimulates blood circulation. This will help to make legs light and relaxed. In upper class models of massage armchairs there is a foot massager. In Massaggio Eccelente air cushions gently push on feet from the top and from the bottom an acupressure insert pushes right points on your feet. It’s good to focus on one of the most popular models – Massaggio Conveniente. This model has one more air cushion under toes, which massages feet from the bottom.


Leg massager in Fujiiryoki JP1000 armchair is a symbol of experience and precision of Japanese manufacturer. Air cushions are filled with very effective acupressure. Proper push of those cushions on the right points on the bottom of your feet makes whole body relaxed. They will pleasantly massage your thighs, calves and feet and provide stretching massage. Each chilly person will be happy about feet heating in this armchair. Let’s go back to Massaggio company. Esclusivo performs foot massage mot only with air cushions, but also with massaging rolls. This is unique massager. The feeling during such massage session can be compared massage performed by many tiny fingers, which massage foot from the bottom simultaneously in many points. If you had really hard day – you can decide on stronger massage, because rollers have three levels of operation speed. You ask yourself: can it get any better than this? Even more advanced foot massage is in the best model of Massaggio brand – Stravagante. This massage looks different and has few more possibilities than in Esclusivo armchair. Except more rollers and air cushions, including air cushions, which massage toes, there is also a mechanism that massages calves and magnet therapy, which supports cell reconstruction, and this improves regeneration of tired legs.

In some models of massage armchairs available on the market, foot massagers are integrated with calf massager. Thanks to this, people taller than 175 cm feel discomfort while using it. After folding the armchair to lying position, knees are directed a little bit to upwards. In Rest Lords’ armchairs there is a different situation. Each armchair available in our offer has pull-out footrest, which guarantee fully comfortable position. Thanks to pull-out footrest you can easily adjust massager’s position to your height.


To people, who care only about on leg massage and don’t have massage armchair yet or have it, but without this function, we suggest separate leg massager. It’s certainly more economical solution, which, with help of rollers, air cushions and heating, can pleasantly massage your legs, but only legs ;)

It happens that we stand the whole day, especially on trade shows. After a hard day, full of conversations with clients, presentations of armchairs and consultations, we always have leg massage. Relief, relaxation and reducing tension are all we need in situations like this ;) You also have situations, in which relaxing massage mould be useful. If you’re wondering on purchasing massage armchair and leg massage function, check out our offer or contact us.


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