Leather massage chairs

Leather massage chairs

Entering the road leading to the purchase of a massage chair, we pay attention to many aspects. Some begin with strictly technical parameters and functionalities, others first choose the color, and still others test the massage in all models available on the market. Everyone has a way to find the right massage chair for them. But it is worth stopping and paying attention to otaprovement. 

The type of upholstery partially translates into the sensation of massage, but above all on the style and aesthetics of the interior. You will learn more about the differences between natural, synthetic or fabric skin from our article.. 

Synthetic leather in massage chairs

The vast majority of upholstery of massage chairs is made of synthetic leather. Contrary to popular belief, synthetic leather may in some aspects outweigh the properties of natural leather. It’s important to choose the right quality of skin.. 

We will meet with different classes of synthetic leather. They are “typical”, badly associated scars, often found on armchairs in shopping centers. This, of course, we avoid as fire, for known reasons. But qualitative synthetic leathers have the right thickness, durability and beautiful appearance. 

The Massaggio brand is based on such qualitative leathers for over 8 years. In our opinion, this is an excellent choice. These skins do not take on the odor, do not absorb moisture, are easy to care for and, with delicate maintenance (even once every six months), retain their beauty for many years.

After two or three years of purchase, when replacing a chair for a new model, we have a chance to see how it looks after such a period of use. We can with complete responsibility and satisfaction say that damage is rare, even to a minimum. It is worth noting here that NEVER (and we care for it to be so) have no complaints about the chair because of the skin

Natural leather in Keyton massage chairs

Although synthetic leather completely met the expectations of customers, every now and then there are questions about the finish made of natural leather. The answer is European massage chairs Keyton – probably the only massage chairs in natural leather on our market. When choosing a Spanish brand, you can choose not only the color from a rich color palette, but also the type of the highest quality, natural leather. 

The first of them – Dalma Premium – is imported from Scandinavia, half-liner grain leather, which thanks to open pores maintains a sense of softness, velvet and warmth. Taking a closer look, you’ll see an irregular, natural and unique texture. 

The second skin – Texas – is leather imported from another end of Europe – from Italy. It is thinner, but still durable. Texas leather is stamped, in the initial stages of use it is harder, but with time, with any massage, it becomes soft.

To sum up, natural skins are certainly a prestigious and durable element of the massage chair finishing … for the right price.

Upholstered massage chairs

Finally, let us mention the upholstering of fabric massage chairs. In this field we have experience with Keyton massaging chairs (yes, you can order Carabou upholstery) or Tokuyo. The iFancy model has a material finish that gives it a coziness and a home-like look. Keyton, in turn, thanks to full personalization, can be similar to other upholstered furniture in the home. 

The material will always be warmer to the touch and the massage will be “closer to the body”. It is also the cheapest upholstery. However, it should be remembered that the fabric is more exposed to the risk of staining, which will be harder to remove than from the skins and to be more careful because it can contract.

As you can see, every type of upholstery has its advantages, so the choice of upholstery massage chair will be associated with your preferences, habits and probably the upholstery of the rest of the furniture in the house. Information about the type of upholstery each of our massage chairs can be found in their Specifications. Start with the Offer – welcome.