Intensity and speed of massage in the massage chair

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Massage intensity and speed of massage are two, probably the most frequently confused functions of massage chairs. The problem is that some retailers misinterpret and explain the intensity as the speed of the massage. In the following article we will try to explain the difference between the intensity and speed of massage.

Difference between intensity and speed

The intensity of the massage arms is the pressure exerted by the massager on the back. Massage speed means the frequency and movement speed of the massage arms on the back. These are the two functions of the massage chairs that need to be distinguished. The speed of the massage is most often misrepresented as its intensity, which should be used only when discussing the strength of pressure. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, when you buy a massage chair and talk to the retailer, make sure that the model you have chosen is actually able to adjust the massage intensity of the massage arms, and not just change the speed of their work.

Massage intensity adjustment in the massage chair

For the time being, the pressure of the massage arms can only be adjusted in massage chairs that have a 3D massage function. In our offer you can use it by massaging in Massaggio Stravagante model. Pressure can be adjusted manually or by using automatic programs. For more intense sensations, you should choose more intensive programmes, but if you don’t want the intensity to be too high, you should opt for more gentle programmes in which the movement of the massage arms is subtle and relaxing. 

In basic chairs, which do not have manual adjustment of massage intensity with the massage arms, unless it is the intensity of the airbags themselves, there is another way to adjust the pressure force of the massage according to your needs. And so, you can increase it by massaging yourself in a horizontal or Zero Gravity position. Thanks to the use of gravity, the body adheres more to the chair, thus increasing the intensity of the massage. If you want a softer massage, you can use the massage chair in a seated position. 

Remember that starting your adventure with the massage chair, when your muscles are still tense, it is advisable to slowly prepare your body for the massage arms and gradually increase the intensity and duration of the massage. 

We hope that this article will give you an insight into the intensity and speed of massage. When you choose a massage chair, find out if it really has the function you care about. And if you have any more questions, please contact us.