How to dress for a massage in the massage chair?

How to dress for massage in a massage chair?

As we prepare for a massage session in the massage chair, we usually remember to tone down, turn off the TV, play relaxing music and stop all the conversations with the rest of the household. However, we do not necessarily pay attention to our attire. It is completely different compared to the visit to a massage therapist. Although this may seem trivial and somewhat insignificant in the case of the massage chair, it does affect your experience and it is advisable to think about the right clothes. The following article will give you tips on how to dress and what to pay attention to, so that the massage is even more effective and far more enjoyable.

Appropriate clothes for the massage

Conventional massage is not usually associated with being dressed up. We put some thought into the issue of clothing even before going to the massage therapist, and we ask what kind of clothing works best. Consequently, we are often acknowledge that no special outfit will be needed, on the contrary – you’ll have to take off your clothes ;-) Most likely, though, the masseur will suggest that you remain in your own underwear or wear a special disposable underwear provided by the parlour. The latter will work out in a situation where, for example, you’re undergoing massage of the buttocks, which does not happen that often due to possible inconvenience or personal discomfort. Anyway, the very necessity of undergoing the massage without clothes can also pose a problem for some clients. The situation in the massage chair is significantly different. Massage is performed with your clothes on and it is worth noting that the attire ought to be carefully chosen. 

Clothes to be worn in the massage chair

The massage chair clothing should certainly be very comfortable. Naturally, you can enjoy massage while wearing a suit, immediately after you’ve returned from work, but you must ask yourself if this is what you feel best in and if you can relax and unwind wearing that outfit. Of course, you can also take your clothes off, just like in a massage parlour. But in this case you must remember that it is still a mechanical massage and the pressure of the massaging arms will be more intense if you don’t wear clothes.

The essential aspect of massage is pleasure and maximum comfort. Its most important is that you feel good and free. Your clothes must not restrict your movements in any way nor cause discomfort. It is good to remember about such things as a belt, which can impede the massage to say the least, especially when it is thick and made from leather. The same goes for buttons, locks e.g. at trouser pockets or decorative elements on other parts of your clothes. You should also be careful with jeans – their thick seams by the pockets or waist don’t mean pleasant sensations when pressed to the body by the massaging arms, especially for slimmer people ;-) It’ s also worth taking off your watch and jewellery, especially if the chair massages your forearms. 

As you can see, you don’t need any special clothes to enjoy massage in the massage chair, although a plain tracksuit will simply work best here. The key focus is on your comfort and well-being, and thanks to that the massage in the massage chair will be even more effective. If you have any questions after reading this piece, feel free to contact us.