How to return a favour to beloved grandparents and become the best grandchild!

Fotel masujący promocja dzień babci dziadka

I think that it’s impossible to repay to my grandparents for time that they spent with me, for meaningful conversations and taking care of me. Without them there wouldn’t be our parents and without our parents there wouldn’t be us. It all started thanks t our grandparents.

Being old has huuuge advantages – mainly life experience that we – younger people can take advantage of and don’t make mistakes, which was already made. It also has disadvantages, but we will write about them later.

It’s impossible to repay it to them… but always by expressing gratitude You can buy a “little” gift… and I don’t mean a tie, socks or photo frame ;)

Grandparents deserve something much better

On the occasion of Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day we suggest You an idea for a special gift – massage armchair.

Your grandparents will love it! Device, which regenerates energy so they can indulge grandchildren or maybe even great-grandchildren for many years ;)

Imagine that each evening Grandpa is able to massage aching back, without Grandma’s effort (and the other way around)… that their work-worn joints and muscles experience relief thanks to systematic massage… that they sleep better and smile more… It would definitely be useful for them…

That’s why we prepared special offer for You and after all for your Grandparents. For 7 days from 14th to 20th January to each massage armchair purchased in our shop we add our fluffy set (blanket and pillows especially for massage armchairs) FOR FREE! Set is available in two colouristic versions: creamy and burgundy.

Zestaw koc i poduszka do foteli masujących

Are you wondering if you can afford such gift?

Maybe rest of the family wants to buy this gift together with You? Instead of giving some usual gifts from everyone, give your Grandparents something extraordinary.

So see our offer and choose something for them ;) It’s only 7 days of this special offer!

Best wishes to every Grandpa and Grandma from Rest Lords team!

This offer can be mixed with other ones ;)