How to increase comfort of massage in massage chair?

Set blanket pillow Rest Lords

Yet more comfortable relaxation on massage chair

Did You already choose your dream massage armchair? Now You can relax and pick through available functions as much as You want. Remember that during blissful massage sessions your body behaves like during sleep. Maybe it’s worth to think about increasing comfort during massage by keeping proper body temperature and minimising muscles’ tension. To achieve this goal You will need specially designed Rest Lords set of blankets and pillows. More information about this set are in further part of this article

Blanket, which dimensions fit perfectly to massage chair

To keep proper body temperature during massage, we suggest using special Rest Lords blanket. Why is this blanket so special? Of course not because our logo on it ;) It was designed to enjoy a blissful massage sessions on massage armchair even more. We adjusted his dimensions to fit in perfectly to massage armchair. Such blanket can be bought only on our website ;) Thanks to optimal content of natural cotton it will keep perfect body temperature and naps in armchair will be even more pleasant.

Head pillow for massage chair

It’s important to minimalize unnecessary muscle tensions during massage, for example when You want to read something or give a look into tablet. In this case it’s good to take advantage of softer Rest Lords pillow, which can be placed under the head. Comfort guaranteed!

Pillow to place under loins during massage in massage chair

If You need softer massage, You can, except possibility of controlling pressure of massaging arms, place thinner Rest Lords pillow under loins. She will lower the pressure, what will be perfect solution for people, who start using massage armchairs or those, who aren’t used to massage.

In our set there are: blanket with specially attuned dimensions and two pillows – thicker and thinner. Sets are available in two colouristic versions: brown with cappuccino patterns and creamy with grey patterns.

Don’t forget to pick our set during placing an order for massage armchair.