Height and weight vs massage chairs

Massage chair weight and height of a man

One of frequently asked questions by our customers is: What is acceptable weight and optimal height of someone who uses massage armchair? This is important question, because adjusting massage armchair to own needs transfers directly to comfort of using during massage. In this article we will answer those questions.

Acceptable weight

It’s obvious that the higher weight the more units are exploited. However, there is no weight limits for massage armchairs. They often have pressure sensors, which inform about exploiting those units. Experiments show that Massaggio armchairs can handle load up to 140 kilograms and still work properly. There is no exact information about durability of Fujiiryoki armchairs, but we know their construction and its certain that they’re even more durable. The most important – since the beginning of the company we haven’t had the case of overloading any massage armchair including those in malls, other companies, etc.

With higher weight, body structure is also important. In case of men with “bigger tummy” there can be a trouble with putting arms into massagers – some of them require putting arms sideways. There is no problem with massagers, to which arms are inserted from above. Also, there is no problem, when there is no arm massager ;)

Optimal height of massage chair user

Each massage armchair in Rest Lords has system that scans spine and adjusts massage to height. People who are from 155 to 195 cm can comfortably use massage armchairs. When you are shorter, head can be too low and can be pressed by massaging arms and it should be avoided. In this case manual steering and precise arranging place of work of massaging arms is recommended. When you are taller than 195 cm, there can be problems with arranging massage in higher parts of spine and neck.

It’s good to know that range of massage performed by massaging arms in basic models is about 70 cm (from neck to loins). In L-shape systems, like in Massaggio Esclusivo it extends up to 132 cm, additionally involving buttocks and thighs into massage.

Almost every massage armchair have lifted footrest with calf and foot massager. How to place him to massage feet and legs properly? Shorter people should lift footrest as high as possible, tall and medium-height people should have footrest slightly lifted. Legs should lie comfortably and knees should have support from the bottom. It can be done by possibility of pulling forward the footrest, which is available in each of our armchairs with foot massager.

Massage chair adjusted for you

As you can see, there are some things that you should focus on while adjusting massage armchair to your height or weight. I am 191 cm tall and enjoy using not too big armchair Massaggio Piccolo as much as other ones. Japanese massage armchairs, like Fujiiryoki JP1000 are more compact but despite smaller dimensions, they provide wide range of massage in comfortable position.

You know things, to which you should pay attention and how to adjust massage armchair. Check our offer to buy massage armchair. Remember that you can always contact us if you have any questions