Heating in massage chairs – vlog #22

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Considered by many to be one of the most pleasant features in the massage chair. We’re talking about heating, which not only makes the moments spent in the chair more enjoyable, but also increases the effectiveness of the massage. In the latest episode of our Vlog, Paweł explains how heating in massage chairs works and how it affects the way you feel.

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– Paweł, heating in massage chairs, pretty cool feature. I guess you can tell me a little bit about that.

– Yeah, it’s cool indeed. It’s definitely one of the features that are not, so to speak, slightly unnecessary, as sometimes you’ll find those in various pieces of equipment, not just in massage chairs. Heating is certainly one interesting feature. First of all, while performing massage, the massaging arms warm up the muscles a little bit. Heating provided through back heating mats that interact with the back muscles and additionally raise the body temperature, makes it easier to conduct massage while the heating is active. It’s usually somewhere around 40°C , which is slightly above our body temperature, so it’s just to support that massage effect. It’s simply pleasant. You know, you sit in a chair that’s warm and you don’t want to get out of it. It’s just a very enjoyable feeling. You can also enjoy the heating without actually turning on the massage. It’s evening, you come back from a stroll and you want to warm up a little bit, so you sit in the chair, you turn on the heating, you warm up your back, your kidneys… Great stuff.

That’s more or less all about how it works and what it is, and now I’m going to show you what it looks like in the chairs, where this heating is applied and how it performs. The Massaggio chairs use IR, or infrared heating, just like in infrared saunas, so the warmth is more intense and reaches deeper tissues, it’s more pleasant and Eccellente or Eccellente 2 PRO chairs are equipped with heating mats in the backrest, so the whole back is heated. Roughly speaking, we need 50-60 seconds to bring this temperature to 40 degrees. Other models, such as the Stravagante, come with heating in the backrest, like the previous model, but also around the calves, so the calves are also heated and the temperature of the calf muscle is slightly increased to make the massage even more pleasant. 

And we have the Fujiiryoki chair, which in fact provides massage in the backrest as well, but they’ve introduced an innovative heating function. It’s heating that allows you to heat the front muscles too, like the abdominal muscles, the chest muscles. The heating is applied here, when we sit down, it’s going to heat the back, but… here I’ve taken the liberty of detaching these elements and they’re loose. So we can place them on ourselves, on our chest, up front, and we can warm up specifically the abdominal area or the chest area. 

So that’s more or less the places where the heating can be applied, but we have to remember that this is just a great feature that makes the massage more enjoyable. So that’s all about the heating :-).