Energy saving of massage armchairs

Energooszczedność foteli masujących

Customers often ask how much energy does massage armchair absorb? To many people’s astonishment – massage armchairs are very energy saving!

Massage armchairs in A+++++++++

It’s surprising that massage armchair consumes even 10 times less electricity than usual microwave at the same time of work. Energy consumption of the most energy-efficient armchair Fujiiryoki EC3800 is only 110 W. The biggest amount of energy consumes Massaggio Bello and Massaggio Occupato, which is 180W. But even armchairs with the biggest amount of energy are nothing comparing to microwaves or electric ovens, which can consume up to 1500 W.

How much will you pay for energy consumed by massage armchair?

How to calculate it on zł? At average wage for kWh for households, which is 0,60 zł, during 15 minutes armchair will consume maximally 3 gr.

0,25h (15 min) x 0,18 kW (180W) x 0,60 zł/kWh = 0,027 zł

It’s good to remember that powers given by manufacturers means maximal power used during simultaneous turning on every function of massage armchair. That’s why You have nothing to worry about, because there won’t be much bigger bills to pay after plugging in the armchair to socket in your house, even if You will share it to the whole family and neighbours ;)

The EC3800 massage chair was withdrawn from sale. See the latest model of the Japanese inventor of massage chairs – Fujiiryoki JP1000.