Differences between compact massage chairs – vlog #7

Compact massage chairs

In the seventh episode of our vlog we gradually move on to the presentation of individual models of massage chairs. Immensely popular compact chairs under the Massaggio brand are our first pick. They are ideal for small spaces, and choosing them does not mean giving up on advanced features. In this episode, Paweł talks in detail about each model, presents the functions and options and shows how compact models differ from one another.

Comparison of small massage chairs

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– Paweł, what specific differences between the models can you mention?

– Let me show you the differences, starting with the smaller compact models. Here you see three massage chairs – Piccolo, Ricco and Bello 2 by Massaggio. I’ll use them to show you the differences in individual features and functions. Come closer and look here, the Massaggio Piccolo has two massage pads that focus on thigh massage, but most importantly it has a massager that works from the neck, through the whole line of the spine to the buttocks. It has an L-shape function, which means that the massage is carried out over a longer period of time. It has three automatic programs, three massage techniques, so it is a very basic, small, compact, neat chair.

Moving on, we have Massaggio Ricco. Here the main difference is really in the calf massager. It is retractable, so turning it, we have a massager that massages the calves, and the airbags provide muscle contraction. Of course, they also provide support for our calf, giving us comfort. It is impossible not to mention perhaps a smaller function, seemingly less important, but we have a cup holder, for a glass of something tasty… let’s say warm milk ;-) There is also a USB port to charge your phone or other device. The most important functions, however, include a double back massager. It is an upper body massager, which is additionally heated, and it works from the neck to the chest section. And the second massager, which focuses on the lower parts of the spine and buttocks, that is also the L-shape function. Heating, dual massager and calf massager are the main differences between Piccolo and Ricco.

Moving on, we have the Massaggio Bello 2, which is a bit more advanced. How? Well, it has the recline option. These chairs don’t recline. The Massaggio Bello reclines to the Zero Gravity position, so the more comfortable position that gives more intensity but also pleasure. There’s also a retractable, rotating calf massager, just like in Ricco. In this model, we go back to the massager, it’s a single one, but still working from the neck, through the whole spine, up to the buttocks, i.e. it has the L-shape function. You can also see here airbags massaging your thighs. So, the main difference is the reclining option.

All chairs have Bluetooth, so you can connect your device to the chair and play your relaxing music through the chair’s speakers. These are the main, key differences between these compact massage chairs.