Comparison of all Massaggio massage chairs

Porównanie wszystkich foteli masujących Massaggio EN

Before buying a massage chair, our customers are looking for the ideal model for themselves, they read about it, they browse the website and think about which one to choose. They often match the most suitable models in terms of price or colour and compare their capabilities. In order to help with the choice of buying a chair, we published articles that compare Massaggio massage chairs on our blog. With this article we summarize and finish the whole cycle.

A series of articles comparing massage chairs 

In each text that appeared on our website, we took the pairs most frequently matched by customers and compared them in detail, function by function (you will find a list of articles below). In our specially selected offer, each chair is enriched with additional functions that distinguish it from the previous model. Each subsequent function strengthens the massage effect and increases its comfort. As the number of functions and their level of advancement increases, the price of a chair also increases.

Is it worth paying extra? 

This is one of the most common questions that we hear from our customers during the process of choosing a massage chair. To illustrate this better, you can refer to the passenger car market. You will reach your destination with both a luxurious Mercedes and a model from a lower level – the difference will be in comfort. The same is true for massage chairs, provided that it is a real massage chair, with massage arms and scan of the spine line, and not a massage mat. You will be massaged on both the simplest model and one with the most advanced functions. Of course, the decision about additional functions depends on you and what you expect from the massage and your massage chair.

Which chair do others choose?

Well, it is of utmost importance to find the right massage chair that will suit your needs. So when we talk to customers on the phone and compare models, we also have to answer questions that aren’t directly related to the functionalities, but which might have an impact on the decision to select a particular model. For instance, which chair offers a more intense experience? Which model can fit in limited space? Or even: In which chair will I feel more comfortable? It sometimes happens that we get questions like “And which one do other people choose most often? or “Which model would You choose?”. And if this helps you choose a massage chair, then of course we can answer that, but we remind you that when buying a chair you should always put your needs first and choose the model that’s best for you.

To sum up the cycle, we have compiled all the data into a table, which is an illustration and, to a certain degree, a summary of all the information contained in the articles in the Comparison series (click on the graphics to display it in bigger size). Surely this combination and organization of information about the differences between the chairs will be helpful when comparing them and making the final decision about the choice of a particular model. 

Porównanie foteli Massaggio 2021 EN

Below you will find a list of all articles from the series. And if there are any additional questions, please contact us.

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