Compact massage chairs

Small massage chairs

The question asked most frequently before buying a massage chair is whether the chair will fit into the place prepared for it. Some people don’t even think about the purchase, worrying: “where will we put it?” Massage chairs are usually associated with larger sizes than traditional sitting furniture and in most cases it’s actually true. Their exterior serves as a casing for the entire advanced massage system, airbags, and some of the models have leg massagers and recline. However, the market for massage chairs is constantly growing and it’s easy to find a massage chair in compact size that can fit into any room.

Small size massage chair

Compact massage chairs, rather small in size, are a perfect solution for people who have little space available and are thinking about a professional massage near at hand. Limited space of a studio apartment or an apartment in a block of flats doesn’t have to affect the purchase of a massage chair, nor does it require giving up on the most relaxing features. Choosing a smaller chair is often the best choice :-) A compact chair can offer advanced technologies and, as it turns out, such a chair can surprise you with its capabilities. They provide a high-quality massage that will relax, unwind and effectively deal with any ailments. And you can use the functions found in the most advanced models even in the most compact massage chairs.

Top-of-the-line features

As of now, our product range includes three compact chairs and each of them has its own advantages. For instance, although hidden in a small casing, some of the most innovative functions can be enjoyed in the Massaggio Bello 2 model. That’s the first chair on the market to provide the technologies used in the high-end models in this size and at an affordable price. And obviously, a great advantage providing us with additional sensations and even greater effectiveness of the massage is the ability to massage in the incredibly comfortable Zero Gravity, position, which allows the chair to recline in a similar way to a rocking chair. There is also a calf massager, airbag massage and the SL-shape feature!

Another compact model in our portfolio is Massaggio Ricco, characterized by two sets of massage arms. One, additionally heated, removes tension from the neck, while the other one takes care of the back. Similarly to Bello 2, it is equipped with a retractable footrest ensuring comfortable support or relaxing calf massage, depending on the needs, as well as the SL-shape system. 

The most basic and smallest model is Massaggio Piccolo. But don’t let its inconspicuousness fool you, because it is a chair with quite a lot to offer. Like the two previous models, it has an extremely pleasant but also surprising SL-Shape function, which allows for a massage from the neck to the buttocks and perfectly adapts to the curvature of the back. It also has an airbag massage system and a nice extra feature, namely the ability to play music through the built-in Bluetooth speakers. 

As you can see, compact massage chairs can be a perfect complement to your home leisure zone, even when you have limited space. Naturally, compact models cannot compete with the most sophisticated and much larger models, and some people will not fit into them. But it is worth keeping in mind that they perfectly serve their main purpose, which is to provide relaxing massage and relaxation… within reach, at any time of day or night. If you are thinking about a massage chair or if you have any questions after reading this, feel free to contact us.