3 biggest myths about massage chairs

Massage chair 3 largest myths

What comes into your mind when you hear about massage armchairs? There are a lot of myths in information about massage armchairs. Facts about them are written in this article.

Myth 1 – massage armchairs vibrate

When we hear about massage in massage armchair, we think about vibrations. Earlier, massage armchairs were more simpler and vibrations were one of its basic functions. Nowadays, professional massage armchairs work differently. They use “massaging arms”, which imitate hand movements, perform shiatsu massage, knead, clap or roll. This is first, main massage system. Second system are air cushions, which gently wrap around your muscles and stimulate blood circulation. It is caused by air pressure control in some places. Feet are massaged by another massager. Additionally, some models can perform magnet therapy. Many armchairs have extra heating systems – we feel pleasant warmth in backrest or feet. It makes massage even more effective.

To sum up, massage armchairs don’t vibrate, they massage ;)

Myth 2 – massage armchairs are for older people

Firstly, many people look for help in relaxing muscles and improving joints condition when they have troubles with them – in later years. Secondly, it’s easier for sellers to promote the product among older people and say it’s good for their health. The truth is that, when you have serious problems with spine, it is too late for massage armchair. Main task of massage on massage armchair is to relax the body and improve frame of mind. Long-term benefits of massage are: strengthening muscles, improving their blood supply and positive influence on many elements described in previous article. That’s why it’s good to buy massage armchair, when we need to relax and de-stress, before it’s not too late.

To sum up: massage armchair is a great way to relax both for young and older people. It is also a good preventive health protection, but it is not some kind of “wonder drug” for serious health problems.

Myth 3 – massage armchairs break down a lot

Sure, there are a lot of bad quality massage armchairs from China, but not every chair is like this. Production in China doesn’t mean that they are low quality products. In China parts for Mercedes, iPhones and many other high quality products are manufactured. We know, from experience that our armchairs used at home are almost failure-free. Sure, some parts may wear out, but this is quite rare case. We guarantee that our service will repair it.

To sum up: high quality massage armchairs are almost failure-free. Rest Lords has only such armchairs, we vouch for it with our word, warranty and clients’ opinion.

Many stereotypes become fake when someone gets familiar with the subject and experiences massage on massage armchair. Let’s take my father as an example. At first, he was very sceptical towards massage armchairs and preferred to stay away from them. He didn’t want some machine to massage him. Later, he forced himself to try it – he looked relaxed and said that this massage is wonderful. Since then, he uses massage armchair regularly.

There are many rumours about massage armchairs. It’s good to know what’s true and what’s false. You can find more useful information on our blog. If you have enough information, go to subpage offer and choose model for yourself. Do you still have doubts? Visit us in our showroom in Olsztyn and try out every model. Satisfaction guaranteed! ;)

See you.