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Air ionization feature in massage chairs


Remember how the air smells after a storm? It’s extremely crisp and light. This unique smell is provided by negative oxygen ions. Also, it’s been known for a long time that they positively affect human health and well-being. Therefore, as technology develops, the market sees the emergence of air ionizers which ensure better air quality. More and more often they find their way into massage chairs, which are able to comprehensively take care of our well-being thanks to them. And although this is not the most essential functionality in massage chairs, we decided to talk about it.

How does the air ionizer work?

Good quality air should be characterized by a higher amount of negative ions. Some of us probably still remember the fact from chemistry class that an imbalance between the number of protons and electrons in atoms causes them to become ions which affect human health. Consequently, the main purpose of the ionizer is to provide us with the highest possible quality of air in our environment by producing negative ions, which effectively neutralize harmful positive ions.

Positive ions are found most often in confined spaces and urban areas, and their presence is influenced by the operation of electrical or heating equipment, among others. Positive ions transport dust and other allergens, as well as fungal and mould spores, bacteria and viruses. So staying in a room where their concentration is high, is associated with various ailments, such as sleepiness, decreased concentration or headaches.

Air ionizer in the massage chair

ir ionizers are also becoming quite common in massage chairs. Such a device is most often placed in the armrest or near the head, allowing negative oxygen ions to easily surround the person being massaged and it can be activated with just one press of a button.

The inflow of ionized air improves air quality and makes each massage session more enjoyable. What’s more, it has many health benefits and a positive effect on our well-being. In particular, negative oxygen ions remove allergens from the air, making them extremely valuable in the households of people with allergies. They minimize allergy symptoms and prevent pathogens from entering the body. In addition, being in a room filled with air charged with negative ions favourably affects concentration.

As you can see, the air ionizer is not one of the most important functions of massage chairs (let’s not forget about ventilating the rooms, especially after a storm), but it certainly supports the massage and has a positive effect on our well-being. You will find ionizers in Massaggio Esclusivo 2 and Stravagante 2 models available in our offer. If you’re thinking about a massage chair and wondering whether to opt for an ionizer or any another function, feel free to contact us.

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Published: 2021.07.15

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