Mr Robert didn’t even thought that things will be different this time. He woke up at 6 AM, ate light and energetic breakfast and went jogging. He’s been taking care of himself and was satisfied with the progress. His mind and body was doing better, but… this time exhaustion, first symptoms of discouragement and lack of motivation have snuck. Possibilities, that he had, were endangered. He knew that he must do something. Maybe massage… whenever he wants… at his place…


How to dress for a massage in the massage chair?

When going to the masseur, you are prepared that you will have to undress for the massage. Completely different than in the massage chair. So how to dress for a massage in the massage chair?

Keyton compared to other massage chairs - vlog #15

What is the difference between Keyton, the only massage chair manufactured in Europe, and other massage chairs? Watch our vlog and see for yourself.

Compact massage chairs

Small in size, but with high potential. Discover compact massage chairs and their strongest features.
Why us?

This website was different. Mr Robert did not know anything about massage armchairs, but the more he read the blog, the bigger his knowledge in this topic was. It was visible in every sentence that experts from Rest Lords know what they are talking about.

When he already found out which armchair he wanted, Mr Robert was surprised with only few models of massage armchairs in the shop’s offer. After having a closer look he came to the conclusion that there is everything he can wish for - exclusive Fujiiryoki, special Tokuyo, innovative Massaggio Stravagante or economic, functional and compact Massaggio Bello. Wondering and precise selection ...

Each massage armchair was different, one of its kind and high quality. Each armchair had many functions and the newest technological solutions. But how to choose the one that suits you the most? Just call us!

In the morning it was out of Mr Robert’s mind that he will be talking about massage armchairs and now, expert from Rest Lords is patiently answering to all his questions. Step by step they were together choosing perfect massage armchair. Mr Robert felt more confident, he knew more and more, he was getting closer to the final choice.

In the meantime he found out that delivery of massage armchair is realised with our own transport, plus carrying in, assembly and instructions are guaranteed. This is real Careless Delivery. It’s obvious that he couldn’t carry in a package which weights 90 kilograms! There is also an option of ordering an individual, non-committal presentation. The expert assured that massage chairs work practically without failure, but words are words. He was more restrained by the fact that Rest Lords has its own, fast, mobile service..

It was also a surprise to him that each model is personally tested by the company owners before implementing them into the offer. Care, which isn’t common on market nowadays. That explains why our offer is so narrow and carefully picked.

He was sure that massage armchair is what he wants and what he needs. He was choosing between two models…

Mr Robert Made a choice. He is using massage armchair every day, whenever he wants. An armchair, while massaging, eliminates tension, loosens up muscles, brings relief, regenerates, and relieves stress. Regular massages have significantly improved his frame of mind. Since then he feels relaxed and more productive.

What about his wife? She also uses the massage armchair regularly. Also, many family members and friends use massage armchair during social visits… Those social visits are slowly becoming a tradition ;)

Mr Robert and hundreds of happy clients know that our slogan: “Your well-being is all that matters here!” are not just blank words.

Massaggio Bello 2 - Magdalena

I have been using the armchair for two months and so far I am very happy. This model has many functions and is neat, quiet and fits well even in a small room. Wonderfully relaxes and brings relief, and is irreplaceable after a day. Best regards :)

Massaggio Stravagante - Piotr

Very good armchair. We have been thinking about buying for a long time and think that we have made the right choice. Good contact and very helpful service. And above all, they know their products, are able to assemble, reassemble and help in using. I recommend

Fujiiryoki JP1000 - Hubert Liszcz

a wonderful massage chair impressed me with the precision of the massage, which can be compared to a massage performed with a human hand. It's a really great device that can regenerate, stimulate and relax the body and mind. I highly recommend Hubert

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