Zero Gravity – vlog #3

Zero Gravity

On our YouTube channel there is yet another episode of our vlog about massage chairs. We started from scratch, slowly moving on to more detailed topics – the first thing is to discuss one of the most innovative features with a quite impressive name. Paweł explains what Zero Gravity is, how it works and what distinguishes it from other massage chair functions.

Zero Gravity

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– Now, let’s decipher the name Zero Gravity. I’ll tell you what hides under this beautiful name, what the Zero Gravity function means in massage chairs. To explain this, I’m going to tell you about the ways in which massage chairs recline, because Zero Gravity is one of such ways and it’s related to the positioning of the body in a massage chair.

There are massage chairs that don’t recline at all. There are also those that recline (like this model here) to a straight lying position, i.e. to a horizontal position. As we can see, the backrest is lowered, the footrests are raised and the chair changes seamlessly to the lying position, in which we can enjoy our massage. Of course, at any stage of this lowering process we can stop the mechanism, including the semi-reclining position.

It is also worth noting that while reclining, either to the Zero Gravity position or to the straight lying position, the more we lie down, the more we press our body against the massager, so the massage becomes more intense. In the initial phases it is advisable to enjoy the massage in a more sitting or semi-lying position.

To show the difference between lying straight and the Zero Gravity position, I will use a model with this function. Having activated it, we can see that the chair not only tilts the backrest to the rear and raises the footrests… but the whole seat moves at the right angle, so that our body can be properly positioned.

– And I’ve heard it’s NASA technology…

– Ha, ha… there are such opinions, some do say so, but it is actually a really comfortable position which, thanks to the right position, i.e. keeping the knees more or less at the heart level, the right angle between the trunk and legs, provides relaxation to the muscles, relief to the joints, proper circulation. First of all, it is comfortable, you can even sit or read in this position, but it is also a position which, thanks to the reduction of load, facilitates the massage, that is, makes this massage even better, more comfortably experienced. This is what the Zero Gravity position more or less works, it looks like that. It is a comfortable position, easy to provide massage, so that’s why it’s also worth using such chairs – with the Zero Gravity function. ​