Stravagante vs Esclusivo – comparison of massage chairs

Massage chairs Massaggio Esclusivo vs Stravagante

The two most advanced models of Massaggio brand. Both have well-developed, innovative features and are distinctive for their futuristic design. These are the starting points for a series of articles in which we will compare all our massage chairs in detail. We will put them together in the most often compared pairs and show you in detail, without beating about the bush, differences in functions and capabilities.

The advantage of the massage chair Massaggio Stravagante over Esclusivo

The price difference is not the only aspect that separates the two models.

  • More advanced leg massager. At first glance you can see a “built-in” foot massager, to which you put your foot as if it were a shoe (size 14 fits :-). A massage device designed in this way also provides toe massage. There is also an additional calf massage, and the entire massage chair has magnetotherapy and more airbags. These advantages make the leg massage the best thing I have ever experienced.
  • A 3D massage function, that allows you to adjust the intensity (not speed) of back massage. When scanned, this three-dimensional system highlights the entire curvature of the spine to better suit your needs.
  • Automatic program – Body stretching. This is a very pleasant and a highly appreciated by our clients 15-minute program, which, by using the adjustment of the position of the backrest and footrests and the work of airbags and massage arms allows for stretching the muscles of the back and legs. Very relaxing.
  • Stravagante is the largest massage chair we offer. It may be very comfortable for a small person, as well as for somebody 2 meters tall and of “healthy” weight :)
  • More airbags. The airbag massage itself is also one of the clear advantages of the massage chair. Massage by using the whole set of airbags makes you feel more comfortable while wrapped in a pleasant massage of arms, thighs and feet. The airbags are also located in the seat and backrest.
  • More additional features are:
    • Air ionizer, which generates negative oxygen ions that enhances the feeling of relaxation
    • Bluetooth functionality, which allows you to control the chair from the application level
    • headset and possibilty of palying music from your phone.

The advantage of the massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo over Stravagante

Yet the model of Massaggio Esclusivo has more to offer than his more gifted brother. It is the L-shape function that enables massage in the longest range of up to 132 cm (longest on the market), which makes the massage arms work from the neck through the entire length of the spine, passing right under the thighs. In Stravagante’s massage chair we also have L-shape, but it only comes to the upper buttocks.

We hope that this article will be useful when you compare the massage chairs and make a decision. A detailed description of the functions and capabilities of the massage chair can be found on the Massaggio Stravagante or Massaggio Esclusivo product pages. If you are interested in comparing the functions of other massage chairs in our offer, you can find them on our Blog in the category Comparisons. And if you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.