Well-being and massage chair

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Although well-being is a relatively new concept, it attracts more and more attention in the company’s HR departments. You have probably heard about it. The idea of well-being is very close to us, because it refers to the roots of our brand. Therefore, referring primarily to our own experience, we will tell you how to take care of the well-being of employees and how to use a massage chair for this purpose. 

Well-being in a few words

WLiterally speaking, it means the state of being healthy and happy. In the context of the workplace, it is an expression of a worker’s overall satisfaction that is related to all aspects of working life, starting with quality and safety at work, through additional benefits and to the atmosphere at work. 
More on how the well-being of an employee converts into his happiness, and consequently into his level of productivity (boss’s satisfaction :)) can be read in one of the latest publications, namely “Wellbeing w organizacji” by Katarzyna Kulig-Moskwa. We have our own little brick in it. 

Contributions of the massage chair to the idea of well-being

How can a massage chair fit into this concept? It massages, relaxes and calms – in general it improves the mood. Left in a corporate relax room, it allows you to leave your desk, cut off from often stressful situations and rest. It even allows for a short snooze which is a popular in Japan as power nap. The movement of the massage arms stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which relieve stress and add energy for further work. Of course, in the relax room you can place a billiard table or a video game console (note: the games influence your stress differently ;-)), but the truth is that although they relax, they will not help you remove discomfort or stiffness of muscles. And these unfortunately appear as a result of spending most of the time in a sitting position. It is therefore worthwhile, in order to prevent such ailments, to implement preventive measures at an early stage. And here, in addition to the obvious care for an ergonomic workplace, massage breaks can also be a solution. Regular sessions in the massage chair strengthen and regenerate tired and tense muscles. While executing the company’s orders, we were able to see for ourselves how important role they play in companies relax rooms and how great a decision it is to put massage chairs in them.
The introduction of well-being rules is therefore a kind of investment. And it is an investment not only in the employee, but also in the success of the whole company. Because your people make your company. So if you want to take care of your employees’ happiness, please contact us – after all, the concept of well-being has been with us for a long time – “well-being” we’ve got in our genes :)