Relax room with massage chair

Fotele masujące Rest Lords w relax room

Have you seen in newspapers’ articles or movies amazing relax rooms for employees? Relax rooms filled with colourful bean bags, big TVs, PlayStation or even pool tables. If you think about creating such place in your company, read about it in our article. You will find out how many advantages relax rooms have and why do they need massage armchair.

Corporate relax room with massage chair

Relax room is a place, where employees can relax. It became popular in the West some time ago. Employers equip those rooms in various gadgets. Pool tables, game consoles, table football, and even drink making machines! Bean bags or massage armchairs are the best when you want to have a rest.

What do massage chairs offer? Even during short massage in massage armchair it is possible to calm down and relax. It eliminates discomforts, aches and brigs relief. Sure, you can buy an XBOX for your employees, but do you want them to relax in front of another screen after walking away from computer?

Where is the best spot to place a massage armchair? The best place for it is separate room or dedicated zone with calm music and soothing window view. Corridor isn’t a good place for it. Also, ping-pong table shouldn’t be placed close to a massage armchair.

Massage chair in small company

Relax rooms are usually in big corporations, but small companies (like accounting or architectural) also have places to relax. Massage armchairs are especially useful, where employees work in front of their computers and have uncomfortable position for your back. This purchase will encourage people to work at your place. One of our clients was told that she was the best boss ever. End of the year is also a good moment to purchase a massage armchair, because the tax can be deducted from it (more).

Which massage chair should i place into the relax room?

You must choose the best massage armchair, when you want to place it in your company. We have in our offer massage armchairs, which are perfect for relax rooms. Companies often choose models without feet massage. In this case, employees don’t take their shoes off, which is hygienic and comfortable. Other models are also a good choice. Armchair with massage of arms, forearms and back up to the thighs will make your employees happy and wait in a queue for their turn of massage. And what about you? You can always place another massage armchair in your office ;)

As you can see, massage armchairs in company relax room are very good for everyone. If you want us to find the best massage armchairs for your company, contact us.