Warranty of satisfaction

satisfaction guaranteed Rest Lords

While developing Rest Lords brand, we’ve worked out quality policy, which task is to provide You massage armchairs offer in a very high standard. On each stage of our activity, we aim at reaching the peak of possibilities and satisfaction from collaborating with us. Remember: Your well-being is all that matters here both in massage armchair, during purchasing it and during nest stages of our cooperation.

  • We specialize in massage armchairs, we are up to date with their world offer. Basing on the newest knowledge, with full consciousness choose to our offer those models of massage armchairs, which will provide wide range of possibilities, from which the most important is the highest standard of relaxation.
  • Already at the stage of manufacturing high quality norms were worked out both in realization and functionalities, which we await from manufacturers and control them permanently.
  • We focus on forwarding transparent and reliable information. We constantly test massage armchairs, check their possibilities, discovering new ones for the whole time. Our knowledge is shared, by delivering always up to date and true information, in blog articles or through performed by us photo sessions and films.
  • We constantly work on attractiveness of our offer by providing easy terms of financing purchase through installment loan with offer of 0% instalments and leasing on preferential conditions with absolute minimum of formalities.
  • We limit the waiting time for armchair purchase to minimum by picking safe courier services with delivery on the following day or by providing careless delivery with carrying in, assembly and briefing of using performed by our representatives.
  • We have professional service team, which in emergency cases will quickly and efficiently do repairs, guaranteeing undisturbed continuousness of massage armchairs usage.
  • We listen to You and improve all the time…

And now convince yourself that those are the words we really mean! Make use of our services!