Try massage armchair out

Prezentacja fotela masującego Rest Lords

We provide possibility of testing massage armchair and its functions by ordering individual presentation to try it out.

How it works?

If You are interested in purchase of massage armchair in Rest Lords, read about it on a website and after a phone call with an expert know almost everything about particular massage armchair, but still aren’t fully convinced, You have a possibility to order an individual presentation, executed on your wish. Presentations according to your needs take place at home, company or another place chosen by You. Representatives always bring on presentations brand new model of massage armchair, which in 99% of cases stays there. During presentations representatives carry out initial operating instructions, show possibilities of chosen armchair and then You are able to try it out personally and feel how pleasant this massage is. At the end of presentation there is time to make conscious and confident decision.

Presentation, regardless of place, costs 300 zł. Presentation of second armchair costs 150 zł. When You decide to buy an armchair, this amount of money will be subtracted from the original price of armchair, excluding models, which are actually at reduced price and models Piccolo, Ricco and Bello 2.

Remember that ordering a presentation doesn’t mean that You have to buy that armchair. Decision is made after trying out massage armchair.

We realize presentations in the whole Poland arriving individually to each of our Clients. Our trips have to be logistically planned, therefore, our request is to wise choosing date of presentation, because free resignation of ordered and earlier confirmed presentation is possible up to 2 days before planned date.

We don’t do public presentations, none of our presentations requires inviting another guests. Presentations conducted by Rest Lords are always individual and performed on Customer’s wish.

Order individual presentation

To order individual massage armchair presentation fill in form below. Right after sending it, You will receive first e-mail confirming receiving an order of presentation. After analyzing its parameters and telephonic determining date of presentation, we will send You second e-mail with final confirmation.

    zgoda I agree to the processing of personal data provided by me in order to carry out the presentation, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.*
    zgoda I accept the terms of the presentation described in the Regulations and undertake to pay the fee before it is made.*