Try massage armchair out

Prezentacja fotela masującego Rest Lords


In the period of increased activity of the COVID-19 virus, we introduced new rules for the presentation of the massage chair. At the moment, we are suspending presentations made in the current formula. However, in order to continue to provide the opportunity to get acquainted with the massage chair and test its functions, while maintaining a minimum contact between our suppliers and the client, we are introducing the service of individual tests.

If you are considering buying a massage chair, but you would like to try it out first, you can order individual tests. After placing the order, you pay for the massage chair and delivery, and our suppliers deliver the selected model to you. You have 5 days to test the massage chair and its functions and make a decision. If you do not decide to buy at this time, we will collect the chair from you at no additional cost and we will refund the money previously paid in full. We would like to remind you that the armchair being returned cannot show any signs of use. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We suspend the demonstrations carried out in the traditional formula until further notice. However, we have introduced the Individual Tests service in order to ensure the opportunity of getting overview of the massage chair and trying out its features while minimising contact between our delivery service and the customer.

What is this about?

If you’re thinking about getting a massage chair for yourself but would like to try it out before you make your final decision, you have the opportunity to test it individually for 5 days without any cost.

  1. Place your order and pay for the massage chair and the delivery.
  2. We will deliver the selected, brand new chair to you.
  3. You have 5 days for testing the massage chair and its functionalities and then you can make the decision.

If the chair meets your expectations, it’s already in your hands. If you don’t decide to buy it within 5 days, we will take it back from you at no extra cost and refund the money you paid for it earlier. We kindly remind you that the returned chair cannot bear any visible signs of use. Of course, our “30 days for the final decision” programme remains in force, but after the fifth day of testing, you bear the costs of returning the chair if necessary.

We will resume our standard individual demonstrations as soon as the situation allows for this.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Request individual tests

To place an order for the Individual Test of the massage chair, just fill in the form below. As soon as you send it, you will receive the first e-mail confirming receipt of the Individual Test request. After analysing its parameters and setting a delivery date by phone, we will send you the second e-mail with final confirmation.

    zgoda I agree to the processing of personal data provided by me in order to carry out the presentation, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.*
    zgoda I accept the terms of the presentation described in the Regulations and undertake to pay the fee before it is made.*