Massaging chair for a present

Massaging chair for a present

Probably everyone, and certainly most of us, knows the feeling when you give a gift to your loved one, he or she opens it with great curiosity and anticipation and suddenly… well, what is it? Joy, happiness and a broad smile can light up the face of the recipient, or on the contrary – disappointment and hard to hide dissatisfaction. And since we don’t want the latter to happen, it’s worth taking a moment to look for and choose a unique and positively surprising gift. Giving and receiving presents should be enjoyable and full of positive emotions. So let us assist you and suggest the best idea for a gift. Give that combines the pleasant with the useful, looks after your well-being and will make a great impression on the recipient. The massage chair is exactly what you need.

Special occasions

Strona promocyjna "dzień babci/dziadka/matki"

Mother’s Day

She’s the one who looks after the house, children, her job and pretty much everything else that needs to be looked after. A busy mum, with a million things on her mind, yet always ready to help. And mum, as a thank you and out of love, deserves all the best… a massage chair will bring her rest, relaxation and solace after an exhausting day.

Strona promocyjna "urodziny"


This special day in the year needs a special setting. Massage chair for our loved one – with wishes of health, as a thank you for being there, that we can count on it and to provide a moment of respite from everyday problems and responsibilities, and sometimes even from us … :-)

Strona promocyjna "święta"

Religious holidays

They are inextricably associated with presents. Magical atmosphere, the smell of festive dishes, days filled with laughter of loved ones and an extraordinary gift that will accompany the recipient every day, taking care of their health and well-being.

Strona promocyjna "rocznica ślubu"

Wedding anniversary

Is your parents’ 30th wedding anniversary or your grandparents’ golden anniversary coming up? A special gift is the perfect way to say thank you – for being there and for all the support. The massage chair allows them to relax and unwind in the comfort of their own home whenever they want to, without having to go outside.

Give a massage chair as a gift

Not only will a massage chair make a great impression on the recipient, but it is also a pleasant, useful and beneficial gift. A massage in the massage chair relaxes accumulated tension, eliminates muscle stiffness, reduces discomfort and pain, but also improves blood and lymph circulation and supports the immune system. However, these are only some of the benefits, as massage affects both the condition of the body and the psyche. The soothing movement of the massaging arms lowers stress levels, relaxes and helps to deal with anxiety. So this is a special and absolutely unique gift – it will take care of your health and influence your well-being.

What is our role in this?

If you’re thinking about giving a massage chair as a gift, we’ll support and guide you from the moment you decide to give it to the recipient. First of all, we’ll help you choose the right model. We’ll ask you about the person, how tall they are, what they like as well as your budget in order to make the best possible recommendation. We will deliver the massage chair to you or to the person you want to give it to. We will deliver the gift via courier service or our own transport under the Carefree Delivery formula. Our staff will transport the chair, bring it in, unbox it and give you an initial demonstration. It’s all up to you – we’ll adapt and make the delivery according to the instructions from you.

Gift bow

gift bow

A beautiful red bow to make your gift extra special and make a spectacular impression on the recipient.

Financing methods

If you want, you can buy a massage chair as a gift with cash, of course. However, if you need to, you can also optimise this purchase by taking advantage of various financing options. Asking your family to chip in, for example, is a good idea, which, by the way, will solve the gift dilemmas of other family members. And if you buy a massage chair on your own, you can take advantage of a specially prepared instalment plan, thanks to which the purchase can be spread over instalments. Applications are filed online, and there’s no need to prepare any documents. It’s a great way to minimise the one-off burden.

Compact chairs

An ideal choice for those who don’t have a lot of space at their disposal. Despite their small size, smaller chairs can often surprise you with their capabilities. Compact massage chairs provide a high-quality massage that will relax and address any aches and pains.

Massaggio Bello 2

Bello 2

Price: 5 970 zł

Massaggio Ricco


Price: 4 970 zł

Massaggio Piccolo


Price: 3 970 zł

Premium chairs

Massage chairs designed for people who are looking for a more sophisticated massage. The functionalities and massage options increase significantly in this group. Massage chairs come in more designer shapes and gain innovative features that enhance the feeling of relaxation and make each massage session more enjoyable.

Massaggio Esclusivo 2 brązowy

Esclusivo 2

Price: 14 970 zł

Massaggio Eccellente 2 czarny

Eccellente 2 / 2 PRO

Price: 9 970 / 11 970 zł

Massaggio Conveniente


Price: 7 970 zł

High end chairs

These are the most technologically advanced massage chairs. The massage in these models is performed using cutting-edge technology and every movement of the massaging arms is extremely precise. It’s massage of the highest order, perfected down to the smallest detail.

Fotel masujący Fujiiryoki JP2000


Price: 41 700

Keyton H10


Price: from 17 900 zł

Massaggio Stravagante 2 beżowe czarne

Stravagante 2

Price: 19 970 zł


Fotel masujący keyton-H10-Vintage-360-32


Beautifully shaped wooden armrests with leather “line” – this is its characteristic feature. Finished with high quality, soft leather and installed on round base. It fascinates you every time you look at it.

Price: 19 900 zł

Fotel masujący keyton-H10-Domo-360-32


Thanks to characteristic mesh armrests it looks modern and original and goes perfectly with round base. Designers did a good job, it’s visible in every detail of this armchair.

Price: 19 900 zł



Elegant and noble style, care about details, soft and round armrests, finished with perfect overstitchings – those are features of a truly royal armchair.

Price: 17 900 zł



Classic, but effective. Minimalistic, but impressive. The simplicity of the form, complemented by the highest quality leather and metal legs, brings out the elegant character of the interior and emphasizes the extraordinary attention to detail. Simple massage chair with highest quality leather and metal legs makes your room look even more elegant.

Price: 17 900 zł



Magic of the old days captured in original, eye-catching form. Thanks to oldschool, round armrests this armchair is perfect for stylish and cosy interior.

Price: 17 900 zł

Fotele masujące, które zachwycają designem. Na rynku wyróżniają się Massage chairs that excel in design. They stand out among other models thanks to the possibility of complete customisation, so they can be perfectly matched to an existing interior. The quality of the materials used is also impressive: natural leather and wood.

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