Ricco and Bello 2 - new models of Massaggio massage chairs

In our offer there are two new massage chairs. These are the first, compact models with such advanced features.

This massage chair is loved by women!

Which massage chair is most often chosen by the women? Why is it? The Women's Day is approaching ... a good excuse to get interested in it :-)

3D and 2D massage in the massage chair

2D, 3D... are we going to the cinema? No! These are technologies used in massage chairs. What is it about? Read...

Backstage for Carefree Delivery of massage chairs

Carefree Delivery of massage chairs is our own formula. Read our article and find out how it looks from the backstage and what surprises have happened to us ;-)

Stretching function in the massage chair

One of the most relaxing functions of massage chairs. Read what is the stretching function and what are the advantages of it.

Lottery final "The Maledives with Rest Lords"

Dziś, tj. 1 lutego 2019 r. o godzinie 12:15, odbyło się losowanie zwycięzcy loterii „Malediwy z Rest Lords”. To już druga edycja naszej loterii :-) Lucky draw goes to...

Massage chair in the hotel

A massage chair can be another reason why guests will be happy to visit your hotel. Convince yourself of this by reading the article below.

The history of massage chairs is the story of Fujiiryoki

The most prestigious, the most well-known brand of massage chairs in the world - Fujiiryoki. Its history is in fact the story of the creation of massage chairs. Curious how was it? We invite you to read...