Massage chairs and height, weight, age - vlog #8

Height, weight, age... will I fit into this massage chair? Or maybe we should ask a different question - will this massage chair fit me? :-) Find out for yourself and enjoy our video.

Massage chairs are not everything

Sometimes a massage chair is perceived as a panacea for all kinds of ailments. We explain why a massage chair is not everything.

Automatic programs vs. manual programs - vlog #6

What is the difference between an automatic and a manual program and what are the advantages of each of them, we talk about in the next episode of our vlog.

Differences between compact massage chairs - vlog #7

Compact, small, but powerful. What features distinguish each of the smallest massage chairs? Let's take a look.

Massage in the massage chair and its effect on immunity

Immune system can be supported by complementing your diet with healthy products, by providing yourself with a good night's sleep and by doing sport. However, our (meaning in Europe, unlike that of Asians) knowledge of the effects of massage on immunity is not so common. We hope you'll enjoy our article on the issue.

Where do the massage chairs come from and what is it like today - vlog #5

In the next vlog a few words about the history of massage chairs, the first chair on the market and countries of their production.

Massage chair at home - vlog #4

How to find the right place for a massage chair at home, so that it fits and performs its purpose.

How to change bad habits and eliminate back pain?

Lack of movement, a sedentary lifestyle, and even a badly chosen mattress can result in back pain. So how do you change your bad habits and take care of your back? And how can a massage chair help?

Safe ways to deliver a massage chair

We have introduced special procedures that allow us to securely deliver a massage chair. Their details are discussed in the article.

Zero Gravity - vlog #3

An innovative feature with a sonorous name? In the next episode of our vlog we explain what Zero Gravity is.