Music complementing massage in a massage chair

Muzyka do masażu fotele masujące Rest Lords

Music follows us every step of the way, although most of the time we probably don’t realize it. Usually, it accompanies us during everyday events at work, at home, while shopping or riding a bus. However, its great impact on both our mood and body makes music automatically associated with relaxation. And when we talk about relaxation, we talk about the massage chair. Below we suggest how to complement the massage session in the massage chair with music.

What exactly is music?

When you type “music” into a search engine, it’s difficult to find its precise definition. Browsing through subsequent search results, you can learn from just a few definitions that music is a skill, an ability to assemble sounds into a harmonious composition (sometimes more or less, though ;-)). So there is a definition, but really, is it able to convey the beauty and frequent emotional load that music carries? Definitely not. That’s why many people associate music mainly with emotions, the body’s reaction to successive sounds and thoughts that appear while listening.

The role of music

Apart from being a pleasant background to our daily lives, music also plays many other important roles. For example, it serves as a means of expression, whether through dancing, singing, or even listening to certain performers. Music by a particular artist or of a particular style brings people sharing the same values together – it influences relationships, provides topics for conversation, and entertains. Yet, music itself also represents an aesthetic pleasure – we listen, we admire, we take delight in the beauty of sounds put together. This in turn stimulates the body’s physical response to music, which is what music therapy in a massage chair is all about.

Music complementing massage in a massage chair

Thanks to music’s aforementioned role of eliciting a physical response from our body, it’s used in a variety of therapeutic activities, including massage sessions. Pleasant and precise movements of the massaging arms combined with soothing music soothes, reduces fatigue, and regulates heart rate and blood circulation. Relaxing, calm music during the massage improves mood and allows to switch off the racing thoughts at least for a moment, which contributes to deep relaxation of both body and mind.

To combine massage with music therapy, a number of models of massage chairs are equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to pair the chair with your device, for example smartphone, and listen to music through the built-in speakers. This feature is available in chairs by Massaggio – compact Piccolo, Ricco and Bello 2, but also higher models such as Massaggio Esclusivo 2 or Stravagante 2.

Music contributing to relaxation in a massage chair

To make your massage experience even more enjoyable and unwinding, as well as to help you find the most relaxing music, we invite you to check out the playlist that we’ve created in partnership with Meloradio radio station, which will enhance and perfectly complement your session in the massage chair. All the tracks can be found on Spotify.

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So, feel free to listen to our playlist and relax… preferably in a massage chair :-)